Common Makeup Mistakes We All Do

New Delhi, March 9, 2020: It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, for everything else there is makeup. However, if not used appropriately makeup can have a reverse effect. In other words, a little mistake while wearing makeup can make you a laughing stock. In addition to that, there are certain products which were so far used all wrong. Right from mascara to blenders, we all make lot of petty mistakes while applying them.

Using brushes to apply foundation

Lately makeup blenders and foundation brushes have been in trend. Although they may seem quite convenient to use but the results aren’t so good. Instead you should use your hands. Gently pressing and massage onto your face will give more naturally flawless look.

While applying concealer

Are you covering over your dark circles before adding foundation? Concealer should blur imperfections rather than mask them completely. So it is better to apply concealer later in your routine for a more natural look.

Let it dry

Primer and mascara is an essential makeup ingredient. In the bid to make your lashes look long and lush we try several brands. In such a case, Primer can give miraculous results. Yet rather than quickly layering quickly, let the primer dry completely before applying mascara.

Right use of cleanser

They occupy an important place in every girl’s vanity box. Cleansers are much more useful if they’re not only used for removing makeup in the evening but also in morning. This way it can remove the sebum,  dead skin cells, and all the dirt and sweat that are on your skin at night.

Leaving face mask overnight

We all need to take extra precaution while using masks.  So it is better the follow the directions. Hence never ever leave a mask overnight on your face lest it is directed. This can lead to severe skin problems. On the other can fabric Skin masks need to be removed even before they dry. Failing to do so, the mask will suck moisture from your skin, leaving it all damaged.

Over contouring

Contouring is an essential part of makeup. Even though overdoing it can make you look silly. Instead of highlighting the facial features over over contouring makes people look artificial. Hence it has to be applied carefully

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