Corona Virus Hamper EID 2020 in India’s celebration.

Impact of Corona Virus on EID

Surely this year Eid 2020 will be totally different all due to the pandemic “COVID_19”. Still far we have seen 5.15 million deaths worldwide. We are having reach in mid of the year and still no cure or vaccine of this deadly disease.

So naturally we are expecting a different Eid in 2020. Even the “Alvida Jumma” had no joy and kind of celebration we use to have. Muslims celebrate the festival of EID when month if Ramzan ends. This month’s lasts for 30 days. Usually the date of Eid depends on the sighting of the Shawwal month (next Islamic month after Ramzan).

How will EID  2020 celebration look alike amidst global crisis of COVID?

The world health organisation (WHO) instruct people to maintain social gathering. Everyone should refrain from any kind of social gathering. This is beneficial for both own safety and other people’s safety too.

Sadly, we are missing sights if families returning and traveling back to home. This is a kind of heartache. No more Eid shopping sights available in the market. Moreover, the people are experiencing huge losses due to no demand in the market.

The transmission of the virus is quite high when in contact with other people. However, this spreads through respiratory droplets. Thus, always the use of masks is highly regarded to avoid the same.

Religious committees are taking different measures for the safety of everyone. Mosques are closed and every “community namaz” is totally ban for the time being. The Ramzan tent project is holding virtual iftar. Even live calls to prayer is taking place.

Even the team is sending out packs for people to create their perfect iftar experience. This is necessary for the good health of all people.

So how joyfully celebrate EID  2020 amidst social distancing?

Stay at home and celebrate this festival with people present at home. Cook delicacies and “SEWAIfor the family. This is a time when we have to take a break on our enjoyment and think of others. It is not necessary that we need to buy new clothes.

Make full use of the internet by sending warm wishes to all your well-wishers. Together with full cooperation we can surely beat this deadly disease.


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