How Coronavirus is Affecting Education ?

A Dig Dip of the ongoing situation between the education system and Coronavirus Affecting :

You might belong to different states, districts, society or locality.  But you surely are a parent, guardian, teacher, classmate or sibling of any student.  You can’t deny that you are related to the education system. I appreciate your concern about the effects of Coronavirus Affecting  on education. Let us dig deep into the ongoing war between the education system and coronavirus.

Ruined Schedule

If you are a student or faculty, you should be well aware of the unforeseen school holidays. All the major institutes like IITs, NITs, AIIMS, IISERs, AMITY and all have declared holidays.  This has halted not only studies but also exams. The internal exams in IIT-Delhi and IIT-Kanpur have been postponed. This has hampered the annual academic schedule of all the colleges and thus the students sit in their houses in despair.

Delay in exams India

Coronavirus has not been very pleasant for the students preparing for exams in India.  The boards and entrance exams like JEE got postponed while nothing has been announced for the students preparing for NEET. The NTA has assured the students that there won’t be any clash between CBSE boards and entrance exams.  Some of the other postponed exams are ICSE Boards 2020, NIOS 2020 and another state civil service recruitment exams in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Kerela, Bihar, etc.

Lockdown for 21 days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken one of the most historic decisions of imposing a lockdown of 3 weeks on the whole nation.  I would quote him in his own words.

if we don’t manage the pandemic in these 21 days, the country and your family would be set back by 21 years.”

For the first time, I could see the grave expression on the Prime minister’s face.  He appealed

the countrymen with folded hands to lockdown inside your houses and be safe.

Bihar board results

The Bihar board has postponed the evaluation process for matriculation students due to the lockdown till 31st march 2020.  This may result in a delayed declaration of 10th and 12th results.

Positive stats

Amidst the ongoing chaotic crisis, students still have got some ray of hope. I very strongly suggest the school and college fellas take up any skill and learn it.  You don’t have the excuse of lack of time.  It is a good idea to utilize it while you have nothing else to do.  To start with, you can see video tutorials from the academy, which is India’s largest learning platform. Also, unacedemy has availed most of its videos for free in the wake of coronavirus.  Go check it now on the website.

Final Words

We all are concerned about the ongoing situation in our country. No one can deny the fact the crisis is scary but these are testing times.  We must not lose hope.  It is my sincere request to all to abide by the lockdown and have faith in science. Prayers for all the diseased The lockdown has been imposed for your security.  I request you to remain quarantines in your houses for the love and safety of your relatives and friends.  It is time to maintain peace and beat the coronavirus by the united lockdown

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