Covid-19: A Challenge To The Entire Human Race

The human race is facing one of the deadliest viruses of all time. Coronavirus or Covid-19 has crossed all the levels of severity as it is at the urge of exempting the entire human race. It got outbursted in Wuhan city of China, and from there it has travelled overseas to almost all the countries of the world. The human race is going through a dark face where several people are losing their beloved ones. This virus has shaken the entire globe and has shut down all the functionings.

Along with some other parts of the world, India is at the urge of complete lockdown. To stop the spreading of this contagious virus, the Indian government has announced a complete lockdown in the corona positive states of India. The Indian government is trying every measure out to scrap coronavirus from India. The entire world has come together to eradicate this virus from our planet earth. COVID-19 has been coined as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Anyone sneezing around, or coughing may place you in tension now. This is only because the symptoms of lethal COVID-19 are much similar to that of common flu which makes it hard to distinguish without any clinical testing.


If you notice any of the below symptoms in your body or anyone in your contacts, immediately refer to your nearest health center:

  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Muscle Ache
  • Fever

How does COVID-19 spread

CoVID-19 is a respiratory disease, and it spreads from the water droplets of the infected person. It means that if someone who is COVID+ coughs or sneezes at you and you get into contact with the water droplets which came out from his mouth, you will get coronavirus in your body. Apart from that if the virus is on a surface, and you touch the surface and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth without cleaning your hands properly, you become prone to get infected by the virus. Try to stay 1 metre away from anyone sneezing and coughing or having a fever. This virus cannot be treated as per now, but it can be stopped from spreading using certain precautions.

Database of death toll all across the world

Started from Whuman, spread all around the world, this highly contagious virus has affected millions of people and has cost several thousands of innocent lives.

Here is given a database given by WHO of several countries where the effect of Corona Virus can be seen on a large scale.

Here is the list

Afghanistan – 40 cases, 1 death

Albania – 89 cases, 2 deaths

Algeria – 201 cases, 17 deaths

Andorra – 113 cases, 1 death

Angola – 2 cases

Antigua and Barbuda – 1 case

Argentina – 166 cases, 4 deaths

Armenia – 194 cases

Australia – 1,562 cases, 7 deaths

Austria – 3,582 cases, 16 deaths

Azerbaijan – 65 cases, 1 death

Bahamas – 4 cases

Bahrain – 334 cases, 2 deaths

Bangladesh – 27 cases, 2 deaths

Barbados – 14 cases

Belarus – 76 cases

Belgium – 3,401 cases, 75 deaths

Benin – 2 cases

Bhutan – 2 cases

Bolivia – 24 cases

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 126 cases, 1 death

Brazil – 1,546 cases, 25 deaths

Brunei – 88 cases

Bulgaria – 187 cases, 3 deaths

Burkina Faso – 75 cases, 4 deaths

Cambodia – 86 cases

Cameroon – 40 cases

Canada – 1,469 cases, 21 deaths

Cape Verde – 3 cases

Central African Republic – 3 cases

Chad – 1 case

Chile – 632 cases, 1 death

China – 81,454 cases, 3,274 deaths

Colombia – 231 cases, 1 death

Congo Republic – 3 cases

Costa Rica – 134 cases, 2 deaths

Croatia – 254 cases, 1 death

Cuba – 35 cases, 1 death

Cyprus – 95 cases, 1 death

Czech Republic – 1,120 cases, 1 death

Democratic Republic of Congo – 30 cases, 1 death

Denmark – 1,514 cases, 13 deaths

Djibouti – 1 case

Conclusion: To Break The Chain Of Coronavirus.

The only key to breaking the chain of coronavirus spread is social distancing. Try to stay at home as much as possible so that neither you get contaminated nor you become a medium of spreading the virus. This is the time when all the human race needs to come together ad follow government instructions to avoid the further spread of this deadly virus. The time is to prove that precaution and togetherness are the power to fight any danger on the human race.

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