10 Creative Restaurant Names that will make you hungry for all the time

There are various creative restaurant names to see creativity adopted by restaurant owners. Creativity can be seen in everything around us. It has more power to attract others. This is the only reason why restaurant all over the world has adopted it. They are trying to involve creative themes to design restaurants and serve dishes.

Whenever we get bored with our daily homemade food, we like to visit a restaurant. Every person in the world loves to eat dishes. Restaurant owners design restaurants through creativity.  It becomes a lot more convincing for a person to have meals.

There are various restaurants around the world based on different themes. They all have their different unique feature in them. So you must visit them once in your life.

10 Creative Restaurant Names that will make you hungry all the time

In this article, I will explain about 10 Creative restaurant names to make you hungry all the time-

1) Taste of darkness, Hyderabad- First Creative Restaurant

Ever imagined experiencing a taste of food instead of eating it. If not, you can experience it by visiting the cafe Taste of darkness. An interesting thing about this is complete darkness. It provides you a haunting experience through its vibrating bridges. On visiting this cafe, you will learn more about how a blind person lives.

2) Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

Firangi Dhaba is another creative restaurant name you must visit for eating food. Most of you have taken an auto ride in your life. But what if I tell you about Dhaba styled auto.

This will provide you an experience of having food in an auto. Other attractions of this dhaba are its desi interiors which will make you feel desi while sitting and having meals there.

3) The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Having your meals in nature’s lap is another human’s creativity. This famous restaurant in the Philippines will provide you a similar experience. It serves tasty food besides a waterfall on tables made of bamboo trees.

It is a popular spot for persons who like to view nature.  Different varieties of birds that have become rare now can be seen here. Musical and dance shows are additional attractions of this restaurant. You will get a relaxing experience on visiting here.

4) The Grotto, Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand

This is another creative restaurant name which you must visit once in your life. Its cave-like structure is the unique thing that will attract you towards it. Another name for which it is famous is Cave restaurant. You can have snacks, cocktails, and seafood in your meals.

Besides eating, you can experience a natural view as the beautiful sea and sand below your feet. Phranang Beach near this cave restaurant is yet another attraction.


5) Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives- Underwater Creative Restaurant

Most people out here might have experienced swimming underwater. But what if I tell you about an experience of having your favorite dish underwater. Ithaa restaurant in the Maldives will provide a similar experience. Here you can eat meals 16 feet below water.

It is the first undersea restaurant in the world. It serves dishes of European and Asian countries. Here you can enjoy food while watching fish species and beautiful underwater view.

6) Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

Another creative restaurant name is Kaidi Kitchen in Chennai. You may not like to go to prison. But if I see to go for a prison styled kitchen, then you must want to go there. They are fully designed like a prison. That is why it is popular because of its interiors.  Waiters and other staff persons are also dressed up as prisoners and jailers.

7) Huvafen Fushi,Maldives

Are you a person who loves swimming and sitting beside the pool? If yes, you must visit this restaurant. Situated above the pool, you can enjoy meals while sitting above pool. All types of dishes are served here. It is a popular tourist destination. Watching clear pool water and sitting on the pool side will provide you another interesting experience.

8) The Green Dragon Pub, New Zealand

For dragon-themed fans, there is yet another fancy restaurant in New Zealand. You can eat watching these beautiful interiors designed on the dragon theme. You can enjoy all types of dishes here. Various types of drinks are served there. You can also organize a party here. Since the weather is nice here every time, you can visit anytime you like.

creative restaurant names

9) Nature’s Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad-Another Creative Restaurant

A person’s creativity never stops. It can create something creative from anything. Here you can eat food in a toilet styled restaurant. Sitting in a pot styled chair will provide you a different experience.

creative restaurant names

10) Bird’ Nest Restaurant, Thailand

There is yet another creative restaurant name in Thailand. It shows another human creativity. You will feel like a bird sitting in a nest and enjoying nature when you visit there. It is situated above the ground level at a 16 feet height. Here you can have meals by watching nice nature’s view. Here you can watch very rare birds.

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