Delhi metro Covid guidelines: Unlock 4.0 phase

Following the pandemic, Delhi metro Covid guidelines have become the talk of the town. This pandemic has put the entire world in a tough spot. But now, Delhi metro services are all set to resume from 7th September 2020 after a gap of more than five months. The services were put to a halt since 22nd March 2020. The Center has allowed metro services all over the country in a phased manner, maintaining all the necessary standard operating procedures. But there will be a dramatic change which the commuters have to follow in the post-pandemic (Covid-19) world. Restoring the confidence of the rider will surely be a great challenge but resumption of services is extremely necessary.

Why Delhi metro Covid guidelines is necessary right now?

This service is especially mandatory for a city like Delhi, which is the lifeline of the city. Moreover, it helps to boost the economy to a great extent. The Delhi metro, having a vast 389 kilometres network has already prepared strong guidelines called Delhi metro Covid guideline. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, as it resumes its services, will take several steps for the precaution and safety of the riders.

Delhi metro Covid guidelines
Delhi metro Covid guidelines

How the guideline will help?

In the guideline, they will include points like a limited number of people in the elevators. In addition, they will also increase the halt time of metros in the platform. However, it will help the commuters in safe boarding and in maintaining the social distancing in the metro properly. 

Delhi metro Covid guidelines:

Delhi metro Covid guidelines with regards to the resumption of the metro services are as follows.

  • No mask no entry: 

The authority will not give permission in entering to the Delhi Metro premises without the Covid 19 masks. Covid 19 protection masks will be mandatory inside metro stations and trains as well. Commuters will also have to follow the Social distancing norms strictly inside the stations and as well as in the coaches.

  • No token, only smart card:

The token system will be completely shut as it can help to increase the spread of the virus. The commuters will only use smart cards. Along with this, all the cash transactions will be barred temporarily. In that place, only debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets will have to be used for recharging the smart cards. ‘Autope’, a new type of smart card will be available there. The commuters can link that card with their bank accounts.

No token, only smart card in delhi metro
No token, only smart card in delhi metro
  • Trains will halt for a longer time:

Trains will halt for a longer period in the stations to avoid the rush of passengers. This is to also ensure that passengers maintain a safe distance amongst them and also do not hurry while boarding trains. Moreover, the passengers boarding the elevators will be limited. 

  • Notice will be everywhere in seats and stations:

From now on, stickers will be placed in seats and platforms to ensure maintaining of Delhi metro Covid guidelines.

  • Installing of sanitizer arrangements:

Every metro station will have to install a sanitizer arrangement. Metro authority also declared that Passengers will not get any permission to touch the sanitizer physically. As it will be unhygienic, there will be metro staff and security guards who will help the commuters to sanitize their hands.

  • Thermal screening is mandatory:

The thermal screening will be mandatory for every commuter at the stations before a trip. If the checker detects any person having fever or any of the symptoms of corona virus infection, they will not get permission to enter.

  • Alternate seat norms:

The Delhi metro authority decided that commuters will have to vacant only the alternate seats. And two persons standing in the coaches must keep a distance of one meter amongst themselves.


Alternate seat norms
Alternate seat norms
  • Renovated air conditioning system:

 There will be a renovation of the air conditioning system in such a way that it ensures maximum fresh air. There is yet to be a decision taken on the optimum temperature to be kept inside the trains. According to sources, trains will not stop at all the metro stations and there are plans for opening stations in a graded manner. However, people will not be able to get down in all the stations. The stations in the containment zone will be remaining shut. And every station opened should comply with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation strictly.


For a long time, Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has repeatedly appealed to bring the economy on the track. He also urged the authority that people should start to go to their workplaces as soon as possible. And in that, the Delhi metro plays an important role in connecting them. He also wanted Delhi to be treated differently and stated that Delhi is ready to live with the corona virus. He also expressed his happiness on the resumption of metro services from September 7th, 2020. In conclusion, we can say that Delhi is ready to step forward to embrace the new normal.


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