Don’t You Dare to Die in These Places, It is Illegal!

New Delhi, January 30, 2020: Though it may sound weird to many, but there are places in this world where dying is considered illegal. So far we believed that the death is the severest punishment for all crimes. But what if death itself is a punishable offense? Nevertheless people have their own reasons to back their quirky law.

Longyearbyen, Norway

This arctic town of Norway is enveloped in permafrost. Due to freezing temperatures, dead bodies buried for decades do not decompose as they get preserved. For instance, there was man who died from Influenza in 1917 and he still had a live sample of the virus. These incidences led the administration to ban dying in the town. Since then, people who are ill or about to die are taken in other parts of Norway.

Falciano del Massico, Italy

Located in southern part of Italy this town had no place to bury their dead. Citing the problem, the mayor issued a statement saying death is forbidden for residents. There were disputes all over a cemetery in neighboring town. Eventually mayor decided to build a cemetery which gave long awaited relief to the citizens.

Sellia, Italy

This village had only 1300 people in 1960 and housed only 537 in 2015. Around 60% of people were above 65 years of age. Diminishing population was a matter of worry for him, so out of concern he signed a decree stating that ‘it is forbidden to get sick in the town’. The whole exercise was done out of good gesture which motivated people to take good care of their health. Additionally it is compulsory for the residents to undergo regular health checkups.

Cugnaux, France

Almost a decade back, this southern French village had only two cemeteries with limited space. Due to high water table the only place where cemetery could be constructed was a nearby military air base. When military rejected the demand of issuing its land for the construction of burial ground, the then mayor decreed dying illegal unless people don’t have their crypt of their own. His decision paid off and military agreed to allow them space.

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