Next Step After Engineering? What?

“Engineer Your Life.”

Life is all about ups & downs. It’s very relevant that the engineers who are the pride of the nation coupled with worry about their career. Therefore, every engineer should start their marathon before the game ends likewise you should start thinking of your future scope before the semester ends. Besides, always Keep in mind, “We are Engineers!.

Life after engineering:

  1. Jobs: After completing engineering, every student tends to seek a job in their respective fields of engineering through campus placement. In this campus placement, various companies come with their vacancy.

Process To Go Though An Interview

They search of an efficient and dedicated candidate who suits for the particular position. The companies examine the candidates through multiple processes:

  • Firstly, Aptitude tests where they test the candidate’s basic knowledge.
  • Secondly, Group Discussion (GD), where they examine the communication skill of a deserving candidate.
  • Technical Round where the candidate’s technical skills related to his/her field of engineering is verified.
  • Finally, HR round or Telephonic round is usually the last step before acquiring a job. In this round, HR of the company goes for a face to face interview. This round is for salary negotiation and other joining formalities.

  1. MTech: Tech or Masters of Technology means a higher study about engineering. In the 21st century, most of the students choose the option of MTech for a better scope in the future.  Secondly, Deserving candidates will get the chance to study MTech. General Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is the door to MTech. MTech should be an option for those who are passionate about teaching, academics.
  2. MBA

Generally, an MBA or Masters of Business Administration has no link with engineering. Therefore, in today’s context, most of the students choose to have an MBA degree. Besides, in the coming years, it might lead you to a better future in terms of salary as a result for better future. Secondly, MBA has an USP in benefit of earning a lot of money in less time. Common Aptitude Test (CAT) is the door to MBA for the deserving candidates.

  1. Civil Services

Nearly 40% of the total crowd of engineers choose the option of civil service. Being bored about corporate ethics and remuneration, candidates tend to achieve the prestigious job likely IAS officer, IPS officer, etc. In addition to that, banking jobs like Personal Officer, Branch managers, etc. are also open for engineers.

  1. Courses

After completing engineering, you may opt for various short courses, which might help you to drive towards your Focus. There is one thing which you need to keep in mind-

                                     Take The Right Direction For A Better Smile.

These short courses help you with the specialization for a particular topic related to the specific field of engineering.


Therefore, before taking a step, we should think twice about the options that are stated above. Every solution will lead you to the path to success. Especially, most of the engineers get stuck at this junction. Thus, without worrying you should plan your future accordingly, with the above-stated options.

Go Ahead!! All the best”

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