Evasion of Article 370 from Kashmir:- Time to celebrate or not?

Modi’s government has again come up with a new surprise pack of evasion of article 370 which has ultimately eliminated the autonomy of Kashmir and has been finally declared as Union territory by President of India. Under the new provision, it has also been (Article 370 in Kashmir) declared that Kashmir shall be divided into two Union territories viz Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh.

A long-disputed mountainous territory which is predominately occupied by Muslims and has been a cause of tension between India and Pakistan since India got independent.  Both the nations claim parts of Kashmir. The sudden unilateral decision by the Modi government on Monday has evoked restlessness in the country and a new debate has sparked whether this decision of Modi government will lead to path of peace or will become a cause of rift and tension?

For the Modi government, it’s a decision that should have been taken long before that will eventually lead to a path of development in Kashmir and the cadres of BJP and RSS have termed this move as “August Kranti”. As per Amit shah this evasion of article 370 will lead to end of terrorism in Kashmir and a new speedy progress shall be witnessed in upcoming days. BJP has found support from other opposition parties like BSP, BJD and YSR Congress who are extending their support wilfully. They all have welcomed this decision and for them this evasion of article 370 is the result of the monumental injustices being done in the past and in future will present the vision for sisters and brothers of Jammu and Kashmir. Modi government has announced few incentives and plans for the development of Kashmir’s financial stability. Even one time a big rival of BJP in past has given her full support to BJP and find lots of hope from this decision of the government.

While the uproar against this decision can be fully seen in the country where people are opposing this decision of Modi government. The political rivals of Modi are terming this decision as an upcoming invitation to disaster.

While the whole countrymen are rejoicing over this political decision and strangely Kashmiris are barred from the communication from others part of the country. The political leaders of Kashmir have been put under house arrest.  It will be not wrong to say that BJP has played a political card in this creating a new Kashmir exclusively for their own use. Kashmir is still lacking a sense of care and compassion from Indian where pathetic jokes have been on circulation on the internet with upcoming news of BJP leaders terming this reinvention of Kashmir as a license to marry “ Kashmiri fair women” or hoax of buying plots in Kashmir. This is the message the Indians are giving to celebrate the decision of Modi government. Actually, the “Kashmir” has become a territory that had to conquered and kept under the own regime no wondering the people of Kashmir are least to be bothered about. For rest of India Kashmiri identity has remained only to be described as aliens, stone pelters, terrorists who just need to learn the discipline forgetting about the humanity factor where innocent Kashmiri are still waiting to lead a normal life for decades and after this new decision being imposed on Kashmir it has already landed Kashmir into trouble only. They are facing curfew, barring themselves from the essential commodities also. They have been totally alienated from communication from rest of India and thus are finding ways to maintain contact with the outside world.

At last the only major question that needs straight answer is are we towards solving the issue of Kashmir and helping them living a peaceful life (Article 370 in Kashmir) or just reaping benefit from the long disputed issue for own political benefit? It will no wrong to say that this decision will add more reasons of conflict in the valley.

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