Facebook as a Gaming Platform : Tries to Reposition Itself

Have you ever imagined Facebook as a gaming platform? We all have the same answer for the above question. We never thought that someday we will use Facebook as a gaming platform. But Facebook made it possible. Earlier this week Facebook conducted a press conference. And they revealed that Facebook is going to transform into a gaming platform.

Facebook vice president of play Jason Rubin conducted a press conference on Monday this week. He revealed that Facebook is going to be a gaming platform as well in the coming future. Other technology giants have also started to invest in cloud gaming. Mentioning others we are talking about Microsoft, Amazon, Google. But these giants starting with a very big budget. While Facebook is going to start slowly.

Facebook as social media to Facebook as a gaming platform:-

As we all know Facebook launched in the year 2004. 16 years ago when the chief executive officer of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg launched this social media site no one even thought that it would become this big. Facebook has changed the social life of the whole world. Every second person in the world has a Facebook account for sure.

Facebook changed people’s lives. Facebook not only keeps you connected with your friends and relatives through social media, but it also provides you many other types of service. Many people have made Facebook a means of promoting their business. However, when Facebook was initially launched in 2004, this social media networking site was not so popular. But gradually over time, when the promotion of Facebook increased throughout the world, finally in 2009, Facebook took a severe form. Facebook workers have never looked back after 2009.

Facebook continued to touch new heights. And in today’s time, Facebook has become the most liked social media networking site in the world. No other website has more users in the world than Facebook. As the popularity of Facebook started to increase in the world over time, Facebook also continued to maintain its popularity with constant changes. Whether we talk about launching a messenger for fast message delivery or providing new means to promote business in the local area, Facebook has always thought of people’s well being.

And now an official has announced that the most loved social media networking website is going to be a gaming platform as well. Facebook as a gaming platform is what we call this change.

Facebook’s new strategy:-

Last year Facebook bought the Spanish cloud gaming company PlayGiga for about $80 million, but the officials of Facebook’s overall cloud gaming plans had remained silent until now. But now Facebook has finally spoken about the deal they gave made a year back. Now we all know why Facebook purchased PlayGiga last year.

Facebook’s vice president of play also told that they were planning to enter into cloud gaming for a very long. But they were waiting for the right time and right moment. And he said this is the right time to see Facebook as a gaming platform.

Jason Rubin said, “If you want to reach more of the gaming audience, you have to deliver more advanced graphics and experiences, and that is the cloud platform.” We all will agree with this statement of Jason Rubin because today gamers look for the game with more advanced graphics and games which provide them a better experience.

Jason Rubin also said that the initial goal for the new cloud gaming service is to let customers instantly play full mobile quality games within Facebook without having to download them from a google play store or app store. And along with instant gameplay comes instant marketing: Now, a Facebook ad for a video game may sometimes let users actually play the game itself.

Facebook gaming service will not be available for Apple users:-

Facebook’s announcement may be disappointing for Apple iPhone users. We are saying this because Facebook has also told in this announcement that for now, only Android users will get this update of Facebook. There are some differences between Facebook and Apple, due to which Apple iPhone users will not get this update of Facebook in Apple’s smartphone right now. But at the same time, Vice President of Facebook Play Jason Rubin also said that there is a continuous discussion between Facebook and Apple on this issue and it will be resolved soon.

The main reason behind the dispute between Apple and Facebook is that Apple is currently not happy with the rules that Facebook created for games and commerce on its mobile devices. The same is happening with other tech giants. But let us hope that this dispute ends soon and we all witness the most awaited update by Facebook.

Why Facebook is investing in cloud gaming platform:-

Actually, we all know that the number of people playing mobile games worldwide is increasing day by day. In such a situation, many people like to play very different types of mobile games. The problem for such people is that they cannot download all kinds of games on their mobile phones. And Facebook is trying to take advantage of this. Through cloud gaming, Facebook can offer people the opportunity to play those games without downloading with the help of their Facebook app. People will like this thing because they will not have to install the app by going to the play store again and again.

Facebook Play Vice President Jason Rubin said that within the Facebook app, you can play your favorite game for as long as you want, but you will not get such a feature on the Google Play Store. You do not even need to download games. Your phone should only have a Facebook app and after that, you can play any game you want.

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