Facts we must know about Human Heart

Amazing Facts about Human Heart

Do you know that your heart needs more attention? We all know that heart is the most important part of your body which works 24×7 without taking a break. It keeps you alive. You must know some amazing facts about the human heart that might inspire you to take care of yours a little more.

1. Heartbeat rate

There is at least one heartbeat in each second, so that is 60 to 100 heartbeats per minute. If your heart rate is about 60 beats per minute, that means 86,000 times a day. If your heart rate is more than that, your heart beats almost 100,000 times a day. Yes, you read it right.

2. Heart rate dropping

When people sleep and take complete rest, their metabolism slows and heart rate drops below 60 bpm.

night time human heart rate

3. About heart attack and other heart diseases

It may sound weird but most of the heart attack indeed happens on a Monday morning. Depression increases the risk of a heart attack. The symptoms of heart attacks are different in men and women.

 You should be active and fit. Yoga, gym and freehand exercises can help you in this case. People with low fitness levels have double risk of a heart attack.

The ways to lower heart disease risk are quitting smoking, controlling cholesterol, managing blood pressure, reducing blood sugar, and so on.

4. The heart acts as a pumping organ

You should not forget that the human heart is a giant pump which pumps approximately 2000 gallons of blood daily. Another interesting fact about the heart is that it can keep beating even being disconnected from the body.

5. Facts about woman’s heart

Do you know that a woman’s heart beats slightly faster than the heart of a man? And women suffer from heart disease more than men. According to a report, more than one in three women suffers from heart disease.

women heart disease

Both mental health and physical health are important to maintain a healthy heart. Laughing is good medicine for the heart as it boosts the immune system and reduces stress. Besides your lifestyle and diet, your emotional well-being also affects your heart. So, everyone should lead a healthy lifestyle and give their heart a little more care.

Some interesting facts to amaze you

1. Apples are better energy booster than coffee

Are you going to head to a presentation or attend a lecture class in the morning? Just have an apple in your breakfast. Waking up early in the morning and showing activities in the kitchen is tough enough. In this matter, an apple can help you out. An apple helps to keep you awake and also keep the doctors away.

apple is more effective for human heart

Apples have vitamins, fiber, natural sugar, phytonutrients, and antioxidants which is extremely good for health. The natural sugar gets released slowly in the body and keeps you awake. On the other side, a large amount of caffeine can cause insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, stomach upset, irregular heartbeats, and so on. That is why you must choose the better option wisely.

So, whenever sleep tries to run after you, have an apple. 

2. Samsung tests their phone’s durability with butt robots

Do you know Samsung uses “Ass-Robot” for their bend test? Samsung designed the craziest robot shaped like a butt to sit on their smartphones over and over again. In this way, they tested the bending and durability of their phones.

Usually, we wear jeans and keep our phones in the back pocket of the jeans. Most of the time we forget that and sit on the phone and as a result, it gets cracked and stops function properly. The test makes sure that if someone sitting on his Samsung phone, it will not get a single crack or bend.

Recently Samsung arranged a press visit to their labs in Korea and showed them how they control their product’s quality rigorously and preset this robot test in front of them. This butt-shaped robot proves that the next-gen Samsung phone can withstand this type of significant beating.

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