Facts which you must not miss about the Chandrayaan-2

On 22nd July India has launched the chandrayaan 2 successfully and thus India has forwarded a step closer to conquer the world of space. It is no doubt one of the greatest achievements for ISRO and they have etched this in the pages of history. Launching of chandrayaan-2 made India the fourth nation to arrive at the moon.

This mission got rescheduled for several times and finally launched on 22nd July. But today, we will share some interesting facts about this. Stay tuned.


The facts which every Indian should know

Here we will talk about some interesting points about the second lunar exploration mission of India which are not so much in discussion yet.

  • Science and Superstition:

We all know that the best of the best scientists have been working on this project for a long time. But most of the people do not know about the superstitious side of them. While the mission is completely based on pure science, a very special puja was conducted for the success of this whole project before launching. Not only this, but it is also revealed that some scientists are so much superstitious that they did not allow to launch it during the Rahu Kaalam period. As this period was not auspicious, they did not want to take any chance for the new initiative. 

chandrayaan-2 science result
  • Chandrayaan 2 costs very less: 

Yes, it is not exaggerated. The total cost of the chandrayaan-2 is lesser than so many Hollywood films like Avengers, Interstellar, and so on.  

  • The first nation to touch the South Pole:

India is the first nation who has touched the South Pole and this was planned by ISRO from the very beginning. When it will land on the south pole of the moon, India will automatically set this record.

Image result for The first nation to touch the South Pole of moon chandrayaan 2
  • Rover and Lander tested on dry soil from Tamil Nadu:

As a desi “juggad” ISRO opted for the dry soil of Tamil Nadu for the testing of the Lander and the rover. Those properties somehow matched with the lunar soil.

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