Halloween ideas : 10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween During Covid 19

Halloween is on our doors and here are some Halloween ideas using which you can celebrate Halloween this year. In the last one year, the country and the world have witnessed all such incidents which no one had ever expected. Ever since the corona 19 has knocked into the country and the world, mankind has suffered only and only loss. People had to remain locked in the house for more than 6 months. But now after a long time people have been allowed to exit. Despite this, people are not able to openly meet with each other nor they can celebrate any big festival together. This is because the governments of all the countries are refusing to mobilize people at one place because the corona virus spreads very rapidly in the crowd.

The world famous festival Halloween is now knocking on people’s doors. In this era of corona virus, people are looking towards new way of celebrating Halloween. People also know that if they will gather at one place, then it may threaten their life. So this time people have also decided to stay in their homes and celebrate Halloween in new ways.

So friends today, we will tell you about the new Halloween ideas to celebrate Halloween. As we all know, most people around the country and the world are locked in their homes. Many people are afraid to get out. So today we will tell you how you can celebrate Halloween with your family by staying at home. According to some research almost 70% families are planning to celebrate Halloween at home this year with some unique Halloween ideas.

Celebrate Halloween at home this year with some unique Halloween ideas

1- Haunted Egg Hunt-

This method can be quite good for those who want to celebrate Halloween with their family. If you want, you can also invite the people in your neighborhood and celebrate Halloween by adopting this method with social distancing.
It will be like an Easter egg hunt, but with scary music and spooky stuff, followed by a scary movie and popcorn afterwards. Scatter the eggs on your lawn, and kids can respectfully pick up one or two. This way you can enjoy the Halloween to the fullest.

2- A parade of costumes-

For children and young people, Halloween means wearing a new Halloween costume. So friends, we do not have to be disappointed this year, we can do all this even while living in our homes. All of you can organize a Halloween costume parade with social distancing by inviting some children from your neighborhood. This is the best way to make children happy. With this, not only will children be able to enjoy Halloween completely but they will also be able to fulfill their heartfelt desires by wearing a variety of new costumes on their favorite festival.

3- A bubble party-

Going out and partying this time on Halloween is not the right way. Corona virus infection is spreading all over the world and therefore partying outside may be a wrong idea. Therefore, we suggest that you organize a bubble party at home. In this party, you can celebrate Halloween properly with each other by eating a variety of dishes and dancing to many types of songs with your family. This will not only make easier to celebrate Halloween, but will also provide a good opportunity to spend time with your family.

4- Decorating contest-

Halloween is a festival where we get to see a variety indoor and outdoor decoration. This time do not get discouraged thinking that you will not be able to go out and see the decoration. Because we are going to tell you a way through which your wish can also be fulfilled. You don’t have to do anything, just organise a indoor decoration contest with the people in your neighborhood about who can decorate their house in the best way. This will make it possible that you and the people around you will be able to talk to each other through competition and celebrate Halloween by following social distancing.

5- Letter with candies

If you want to do something different then the way we are going to tell is the most affordable. If you acquire this method then along with people in your neighborhood, you guys will also get happiness. You have to do nothing but prepare a small bag filled with various types of candy and a letter with it. After that you have to leave the bag full of candy and loaded with letter at your neighbors door. This will make your neighbors feel very happy when they read that letter, as well as give you an opportunity to give surprise to the people in your neighborhood.

6- Watch a movie or some series with family-

This can turn out to be very good idea. This way you can spend some precious time with your family. Watching a movie or some web series with your family can be a very good idea to celebrate Halloween this time. This can unite people in the family. During this quarantine time period people stay in there room, they do not like to interact even with their family members. Organizing a movie watch will allow them to spend some time together.

7- Zoom call- halloween ideas

This may sound little awkward but can turn out to be a very wonderful idea. You guys can organise a zoom call with your family members who are at very long distance from you on Halloween day. You guys can talk about childhood memories about how you all celebrated Halloween earlier. Zoom call with friends is also a very good option to celebrate Halloween this year.

8- Be a Spreader- halloween ideas

This Halloween idea can light up the surrounding. You can use this idea by following social distancing. You have to spread a funny rumor in your neighborhood through phone call or any other method. As we know rumor spreads very rapidly. This will make people to make conversation with each other on Halloween day.

9- Create a haunted house on your own- halloween ideas

The approach of the haunted house is going to be different this time. You cannot go outside, so we believe that you can create a Haunted House by inventing new ways at home. And then call the people of your neighborhood to have a tour. With this, not only you will be able to celebrate Halloween very well, but the people of your neighborhood will also be surprised to see this magnificent Halloween ideas of you.

10- Head to a pumpkin patch- halloween ideas

Pumpkin patches are open for peoples but with safety precautions, including cashless payment, masks, hand sanitizer and limited capacity to ensure social distancing and safety. You guys can go there with your families and friend to have fun. But before planning to do so please look after all safety measures. Because a little mistake can cost you so much.

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