Here lives the richest man | Interesting facts about Nigeria

Nigeria is also known as Federal Republic of Nigeria and it is a diverse West African country. This place has the popular nickname as “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria has many of the languages, butterflies and more than 100s of ethnicities on it’s plate.
Sounds interesting?, want to know more about Nigeria? Keep following because we are here with interesting facts about Nigeria.

1) Social Media is actively

As you know that it is the most developed country of Africa and because of that social media has made it’s way in the heart of Nigerian. There are 75% of people who used social media in their daily life. On top of that one interesting fact is that they use smartphone rather than using laptop or computer.

2) Actively produce oils

One more interesting fact about Nigeria is that Nigeria actively produce crude oil with fairly 2,5 million barrel on a daily basis. This country have a big bank of petroleum which plays a crucial role in Nigerian economy.

3) Movie making industry known as Nollywood

The industry of Nigerian movie is known as Nollywood and you might even get shocked because it’s even larger than that of Hollywood. It is the second big industry after Bollywood of India. Every week 200 movies been produced which is great on a scale.

4) Left hand is Unclean

The next interesting facts about Nigeria is that some of the Nigerian consider the left hand to be unclean and they take this as a sign of disrespect. These believers do not shake hand, eat food or recieve any item using left hand.

5) Richest man lives in Nigeria

Nigeria caters home to Aliko Dangote who is the richest man in Africa. He have net worth of more than $12 billion which is tremendous. He earned this through cement, agriculture, buildings etc.

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