How Celebrities Reacts On Janta Curfew?

Celebrities reaction On Janta Curfew

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a curse that is killing the human race day by day. This virus is declared as a pandemic, and it has forced a global shutdown. Nobody has ever imagined the world without travelling, social gatherings, empty roads, or offices shutdown. But the fatal corona Virus has made it happen. Since this deadly virus has taken more than 13,000 innocent lives. The government of all the countries is keeping their best foot forward to save their country from this deadly virus.
 Reacts On Janta Curfew

Corona Virus in India

The virus has also entered the premises of the Indian subcontinent by affecting more than 500 people. The Indian government is trying every way out to help its citizens from getting affected by Coronavirus.

 Reacts On Janta Curfew

The honourable prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi interacted with citizens of India to help them in not getting panic in the current situation. To spread the further contamination of coronavirus, the PMof India, announced Janta Curfew on 22nd March. Janta Curfew was not an imposition, but an appeal from the citizens of India to stay indoors in between 7 am to 9 pm. Janata curfew was held to avoid people in coming with the contact of the virus that was present on the surface.

Janta Curfew: An appeal of Prime Minister

Prime Minister of India also appealed to the citizens of India to come out in their balconies and give a vote of thanks to the corona Warriors. Corona Warriors includes all the doctors and nurses, police officers, and other people. Who are day and night working to treat the affected persons and are helping the government in spreading the contagious virus further?

 Reacts On Janta Curfew

The thanks appeal was done by beating thaalis and taalis.

The Janta curfew was a big success as the entire nation came together at 5 pm and thanks to the corona warriors for their selfless help to the country.

Celebrities Join hands together to thanks the corona warriors

The influencers of India, aka celebrities, also showed their gratitude towards the corona warriors as they also actively participated in Janta curfew and promoted it among their followers.

At 5 pm, most of the celebrities came on their terraces or balconies to show gratitude towards the warriors. They did it by beating thaalis and blowing Sankh with their families.

Some of the celebrities reacted to Janta Curfew in the following ways:

  • Akshay Kumar also joined the Janta curfew as he applauded the warriors by beating thallis.

5 mins at 5 pm: With my neighbours taking a moment to appreciate those who do not have this luxury of staying at home and working tirelessly to keep us safe. Thank you to all the essential service providers for your selfless work.

InshaAllah #JantaCurfew will help against the spread of the virus, though we may have to do this again. The clapping brought so much cheer. So a reminder of safeguards, with some cheer… Pls, take it in the right spirit. To all relentlessly working today – Extremely Grateful.

  • Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone shared a picture of them applauding the warriors.
  • Varun Dhawan came in his balcony with his entire family to thanks the corona warriors.
  • Salman khan also shared a video appealing to the people of India to follow government guidelines and stay at home. He said that it is not a public holiday and people should spend time in their houses.
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