How COVID-19 has Affected Different Countries

How Did It Originate?

Just COVID-19 as the New Years Eve 2019 approached, China reported a strange of disease. However, It was an outbreak of serious viral pneumonia.  Soon enough death cases were reported.  The rest is the historic transformation of this disease to a global pandemic. As I have stated, it was during the Chinese new year, during this time millions travel across the country.  This explains why the disease could not be contained in the Chinese border.


The large spread of fast rail network and International flights facilitated the swift spread of the disease.  The city of Wuhan is directly connected to 30 cities outside of China. Every day, the number of coronaviruses (COVID-19) patients is increasing rapidly. But this is not the end.

The officials suggest that the statistics depend on resources to test which is limited.  This is due to the derailed economy of the world.  The lack of awareness also fuels this growing plague.  Some countries have already seen the wrath and the rest are more vulnerable than them.

Western countries scenario

At this moment, there is more confirmed number of cases outside China than inside.  The prime focus has shifted from Asia to EuropeItaly has become the worst affected country with thousands of cases reported.  This stat is added by hundreds of cases every day.  The intensive care units are under a lot of stress.  As quoted by an Italian doctor “it’s not a wave, it’s a tsunami”.

Spain has reported the second-highest number of cases in Europe.  Both countries have undergone a country-wide lockdown COVID-19.

Germany stands third for reporting coronavirus cases.  All the public gathering sites have been closed and the residents restricted to their houses.

The French government has strictly ordered the residents to stay inside for at least 2 weeks.  The violation of the order would result in punishment.

Venezuela, in South America, doesn’t look good enough for a new outbreak.  Government instability has resulted in a ruined economy. The brain drain in case of qualified doctors and nurses stings the country hard.

Eastern countries scenario

Things are a bit better in Indonesia. However, the things spread was not so rapid here but the WHO officials have suggested the Indonesian government to test more individuals.  A vast portion of the population remains below the poverty line. According to the government seems to have no way to safeguard the poor. Though the government has taken serious steps to sanitise the public places yet the poor people are unaltered.  Hence Indonesia needs care and aid from other WHO.  The people come out of their houses only to buy food, medicines or withdraw money. More than 25 African countries have reported confirmed cases.  All the countries have cancelled international flights and quarantined the patients.  The African countries surely need help as the finance and medical facilities are not enough. Whereas the countries are already combating some serious epidemic diseases like HIV, malaria, measles etc.

Here are some of the most affected countries:

Country          number of cases        deaths

Republic of Korea 9137 126
Australia 2252 8
Malaysia 1624 16
Japan 1193 43
Singapore 558 2
Philippines 552 35
New Zealand 189 0
Viet Nam 134 0
Brunei Darussalam 104 0
Cambodia 91 0
Mongolia 10 0
Fiji 4 0
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 2 0
Papua New Guinea 1 0
Guam 32 1
French Polynesia 25 0
New Caledonia 10 0
Italy 69176 6820
Spain 39673 2696
Germany 31554 149
France 22025 1100
Switzerland 8789 86
The United Kingdom 8081 422
Netherlands 5560 276
Austria 5282 30
Belgium 4269 122
Norway 2566 10
Portugal 2362 33
Sweden 2272 36
Israel 2170 5
Turkey 1872 44
Denmark 1591 32
Czechia 1394 3
Ireland 1329 7
Luxembourg 1099 8
Poland 901 10
Finland 792 1
Romania 762 11
Greece 743 20
Russian Federation 658 0
Iceland 648 2
Slovenia 480 3


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