How to do Wedding Planning During the Pandemic?

Unfortunately, wedding planning during the pandemic has come to a halt. People who had their wedding planned during COVID 19 are still wondering when this situation will get better. However, the government has lately announced that weddings can be hosted with a gathering of 50 people. But the question still remains how to do wedding planning during the coronavirus pandemic? Let’s find out.

Intimate wedding planning during the pandemic

Lately, we’ve seen many couples canceling or rescheduling their wedding during COVID-19. The pandemic has badly affected the wedding industry and the big fat Indian weddings are not happening for the time being. But as they say, the ones who are destined to be together, nothing can stop them. Likewise, some couples have started wedding planning during the pandemic. They’re working out ways to have an intimate wedding with 30-50 people rather than waiting for the situation to get better.

Undoubtedly, we’ll have to learn to live with this pandemic situation. Also, wedding planning during the pandemic can easily work out if we follow the lockdown guidelines and government protocols. Moreover, you can think of wedding planning during the pandemic with 30 or 50 people and proper sanitation and hygiene. So, for your consideration here is some wedding planning during the pandemic advice.

Choose a safe venue for planning wedding during the pandemic

Since you’re planning a wedding during the pandemic, you’ll have to invite only a few people. So, you’ll need a small venue for all the functions rather than booking a big hotel. However, you can have your wedding at your own home, if it’s spacious enough. Moreover, you can organize a small function in a nearby park or farmhouse after proper sanitation.

Be forethoughtful with your vendors

In case you’re planning to go for an intimate wedding, be active with your vendors. In these testing times, when all the businesses are at a standstill, receiving superfast deliveries is next to impossible. So, talk to your vendors and update them with new dates and venues so that they can get ready beforehand.

Create a new guest list

When you’ve decided on the date and venue, it’s time to cut short your guest list. Unsurprisingly, it’s not an easy task to create a new guest list and that too with only 50 people. But unfortunately, you’ll have to take this difficult decision and select only a few guests for your wedding. So, try to avoid inviting old people and pregnant women as they’re more prone to infections. Convince them and seek their blessings over a phone call because their health and safety are the first priority.

Avoid door-to-door invitation

Instead of going for the door-to-door invitation to the guests, connect to them online. You can choose some of the lovely card formats for the online invitation and send them to your guests or call them. During the pandemic, not everybody is ready to welcome the guests to their homes. So, the best option is to send online invitations to your guests.

Follow social-distancing norms

Apart from taking care of the guest list, venue, and vendors, you also have to take care of the social-distancing norms. Taking care of all the guests and their safety should be a priority. So, sanitize all the venues of the wedding functions like home, bars, food stands, and hotel rooms. Also, provide ample tissues, sanitizers, masks, and sprays at the venue to disinfect the things and decorative items. Avoid hugging and hand-shaking with others and follow social distancing.

Communication is the key

Unfortunately, you can not invite all your friends and family members to your wedding. Also, there might be some of your relatives living abroad and are unable to come to India. So, there is a need to communicate with them and assure them that you’re going to celebrate your happiness with them once the days get better. Also, frequent conversations with the wedding planner and team, vendors, and suppliers, and, the guests will prove to be very efficient.

Taking care of your beauty at home

Indeed, even while home, shopping hasn’t halted for a few. With nearby wedding salons and organizations of various types advancing to digital encounters, your beauty and at-home styling tips are basically a tick away. Presently, virtual beauty advice and online tips from beauty professionals are an ideal opportunity to take a shot during these unpredicted times.

Shopping your bridal lehenga – planning wedding during the pandemic

Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t allow you to go shopping in the expensive showrooms. But luckily, you can shop online and get your lehenga customized according to your needs. Fascinatingly, some of the top lehenga designers are providing virtual trials on Zoom and other video conferencing apps. Also, you can get your lehenga delivered before your wedding without even going from one place to another.

Presently, weddings are getting canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. But there are a few people who have waited for this big day long enough and now can’t wait any longer. And if you’re also among one of those couples, we hope that this planning wedding during the pandemic advice was helpful to you. These are uncertain times and we don’t know when will we be able to live a normal life again with no Coronavirus around. But till then, we’ve to be alert and safe and follow the government guidelines. All we can do is hope for a vaccine to be developed soon and the things to get normal. Also, we hope that you have a great wedding celebration with your close ones and family members. Fascinatingly, you’ll have a wonderful story to tell to your kids. Also, it would be an extraordinary experience for you and your family members.

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