How to get the perfect brunch makeup look like Katrina Kaif

Have you ever struggled on what kind of look you should create for a perfect brunch makeup? Generally, girls look for something little glamorous makeup but still want to keep it simple. They also want something which is easy to wear as well as not heavy and loud. In this matter, Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif inspires us most of the time. She never fails to create this kind of soft, minimal look, and sets the perfect brunch makeup goal. Katrina Kaif, who is one of the hottest celebrities in B-town, is known for her stunning figure and beautiful face. This actress manages to look amazing every single time while attending any event as well as on the screen.

Rock with Katrina’s perfect bunch makeup look:

Do you know that she never does too much or over-the-top makeup? Her dewy makeup look or no-makeup look is something that always amazes us. Nude lips, glowing cheeks, and soft eyes are the highlights of her makeup. If you are interested to recreate her fresh and dewy look, you can definitely try this while going out for a weekend brunch. Here we are presenting a comprehensive guide on how to get Katrina Kaif inspired brunch makeup look. Following these, you can definitely nail Katrina’s look and get lots of compliments.

A flawless base perfect bunch makeup:

When you want a simple, fresh, glossy, and perfect brunch makeup look like Katrina Kaif, you have to start your base makeup at first. After cleaning the face, put some moisturizer, and then start makeup. Primer is the first product you should apply to prime your face and that keeps your makeup intact for hours. After that, apply some dewy finish foundation with a flat brush. Make sure you choose the right shade of foundation according to your skin tone and blend it well. Maintaining proper direction for this part is very necessary otherwise your makeup look will become very cakey. ‘Blending, blending, and blending’ is the only ‘mantra’ of any flawless makeup. You can add an illuminator with your foundation. Illuminator gives your skin a dewy finish. Your skin will glow automatically after applying this.

 Use the right shade of concealer to conceal your dark circle, black patches, and any other dark spots on your face. Apply some concealer on your eyelids too and then blend. You can use a mini beauty blender to blend the concealer well. After this step, you will feel better and more confident seeing your even and flawless base makeup on the mirror. Now, your eye base is already done. To get a sun-kissed look you need to contour your face. But that is optional. Contouring makes your features sharp. 

Eye makeup:

When you are looking for a perfect brunch makeup look, obviously you will not create a bold eye makeup. Do some minimal make-up and you are good to go. To start your eye makeup, you need to prepare your eyebrows. Eyebrows are the most underrated part of the face. But once you groom your eyebrows using an eyebrow kit, they will look fuller and more attractive. Use light brush strokes to fill and keep these real. In the next step, apply warm brown colors on your crease, eyelids, and blend it with an eye shadow brush. Create depth on the lids by using deep colors. Put a little bit golden eye shadow on the middle of the lids and blend it softly using your fingers. Apply the same golden shade on the inner corner of your eyes. 

Now, draw a perfect thin line on your upper eyelids with liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner and apply kohl pencil on the lower lashline of your eyes. You can use white eyeliner on the lower lash line to create an illusion so that your eyes look bigger. Finally, do not forget to apply generous coats of mascara as it gives your lashes some volume. 

Blush on:

The most important step to get the perfect brunch makeup look is applying the blush on and you should not skip it. Apply peachy pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. The rosy cheeks will make you look adorable like a British beauty. We are telling you a useful hack. If you have some pink lip tint or peach or pink lip cream, just take a small amount of that on your finger, apply on your cheeks, and blend it well with care using fingers. So, you do not need to invest money to buy a separate makeup kit named ‘Blush’. After applying blush see your face in the mirror. Thus, you will see the difference that how the beautiful shade of blush changes the whole look.

Highlight the face:

The last but not the least step is highlighting. A highlighter is a game-changing product that enhances the high points of your face such as brow bone, Cupid’s bow, bridge of the noses, etc. Pick up the right shade of highlighter according to your skin tone and apply that with a fan brush to complete your perfect brunch makeup look. Now champagne and golden shades are trending and these shades are perfect for a day makeup look. Now, face makeup is done. Let’s make a jump into lip make up.


Top it all off with a nice shade of nude-colored lipstick. As Katrina Kaif loves to apply lip gloss a lot, you can also try it or you can line your lips with a suitable shade of lip liner and fill it with any pink lipstick. Remember, you are going for brunch, so your makeup should not be louder. For the same reason, you need to choose a pretty, soft shade of pink avoiding bold and deep colors.

That’s it. Fix your makeup with a make-up fixing spray and you are done! 


Follow the above-mentioned steps to get a perfect brunch makeup look just like Bollywood star Katrina Kaif. Complete your look wearing a beautiful dress paired with a nice pair of shoes and proper accessories and you are ready to go out with your friends for a brunch. One thing you should know is that to get a flawless makeup look, you must have healthy skin. In conclusion, you must do exercises and maintain a diet regularly because you need to feel much healthier from within. 


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