How to Boost Your Immunity System Quickly?

If you wish how to increase immunity system, firstly you’ve to bring some lifestyle changes in your life. Though it may look easier when somebody says “I need to boost my immunity system” but doing so, is not a cakewalk.

During this difficult time when the entire world is in the clutches of the deadly Coronavirus, having a strong immunity system is the need of the hour. As a matter of fact, a stronger immunity system combats infectious diseases more effectively. But keep this thought out of your head that a strong immunity system will not let Coronavirus enter your body. Aside from social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene, nothing else can protect you from dangerous Coronavirus. However, a strong immune system can lower the risks of infection in your body so we’ve brought to you a list of tips you might like to follow for boosting your immunity system.

Tips How to Increase Immunity?

Think of your immunity system as a football team playing on the field. All the players of the team are given adequate training and instructions for the task they’ve to perform. Not all the players defend a single player in a single place likewise all the cells of the immunity system defend so many different types of infections in different organs of your body. So, all the cells need a different type of bolstering and nutrition to stay healthy and strong to be capable enough of fighting infectious diseases.

Your first line of protection is to choose a healthy way of life. Following general great wellbeing rules is the best step you can take toward keeping your immunity system strong and sound. All aspects of your body, including your immunity system, works better when shielded from biological changes. Here are some tips that will assist you in maintaining a strong immunity system:

 Get Enough Sleep.

Not getting adequate sleep results in headaches and irritation throughout the day. One should have a definite sleeping pattern with a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Our body heals and regenerates the worn-out cells while we sleep, it relaxes the muscles. Lack of sleep gives rise to an endless number of diseases and increases the risk of infections. However, if you face difficulty in sleeping on proper time try sleeping in a completely dark room or use a sleep mask. Also, keep your cellphone aside an hour before you lie in your bed. Certainly, this simple lifestyle change will prove to be extremely helpful for you.

Consume a healthy diet

According to research, poor people worldwide are more susceptible to diseases and infections. The reason being that they don’t have access to proper healthcare and nutritious food. Most of them are malnutrition and thus have a weak immune system which increases the risks of infections in their bodies. That’s why it is often suggested to consume a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables so that our body gets proper nutrition. Consuming a healthy diet can help in boosting our immune system.

Try not to take the stress.

One should always try to live a healthy and happy life despite the problems they face. Taking stress is not a solution to any problem rather it gives rise to anxiety issues and agitation. Moreover, when our body is under a lot of stress, then it blocks our immune system from performing its regular functions. Extreme stress levels hinder the process of the immune system of fighting the pathogens and safeguarding our bodies against infections. So, we should try to stay calm in difficult situations rather than taking stress.

Drink plenty of water.

As we all know, drinking plenty of water helps in detoxifying the body and getting rid of the impurities in our body. It is advised to drink at least 7-8 liters of water per day provided the water is pure and hygienic. Moreover, you should drink lukewarm water rather than chilling cold water for effective results. However, one should avoid drinking water right after having a meal.

Exercise daily.

Working out is a good way to boost up your immune system. You don’t have to do the hard-core exercise daily any other workout activity will do. You can go for a walk, ride a bicycle, do yoga, swim, and even play any outdoor game. The more you work out, the more your body gets fit and healthy. Just spare half an hour from your busy schedule and rev up your muscles. This would help you in releasing stress and boosting your immune system.

How to increase immunity – Wash your hands frequently.

Your hands are the main carrier of germs in your body. You eat with your hands, hold railings and doorknobs with them. But have you ever realized that the handles and doorknobs are full of germs? So you should always wash your hands with soap or hand wash before eating anything. Moreover, you can also use a sanitizer with 60% alcohol content, if there’s no water around. Though a sanitizer kills most of the germs, avoid using it on grease or dirt-smeared hands. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

How to increase immunity – Try not to smoke.

If you’re addicted to smoking or using other nicotine products then do your immune system a favor and quit it. The harmful substances like carbon monoxide, nicotine, etc are released along with the smoke of cigarettes which is not good for health. So, if you quit smoking, you’ll have a healthy and strong immune system. Also, you should avoid inhaling secondhand smoke.

A strong immune system will help you fight with all the disease-causing microbes and keep you protected from illness. Following all these tips will help how to increase immunity and it will give you a healthy immune system. Also, having a healthy diet, doing regular exercise, following a healthy lifestyle, and drinking a lot of water will help you in combatting illness and fighting against diseases. However, for protecting yourself from Coronavirus, you should wear masks, practice social distancing, and boost your immunity system. So, take care of your body, stay home, and stay safe!






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