How to Stop Feeling Hungry Without Eating

Most of the people are curious to know “How to stop feeling hungry without eating”. This is because it is a cause of concern for many fat people. Feeling hungry can be of various emotional causes and hormonal changes. It is not such a big issue. Adopting some methods in your routine can help in this regard.

How to Stop Feeling Hungry Without Eating

Are you also one such curious person, then you are in the right place. This article will answer all your questions regarding this. So you must read it to check it out.

Reasons for feeling hungry every time

To know the solution to the problem of how to stop feeling hungry without eating, You must first know about its causes. So below you will know about some causes for it-

1.Medical reasons

These are some of the reasons for feeling hungry all the time. This is because some diseases cause hormonal changes in the body. These hormonal changes make a person eat more than required. Some diseases like Diabetes, decrease in blood sugar level and thyroid causes it. 

Medical reasons
Medical reasons


Another cause of increased hunger is increased stress level. This is because it secretes cortisol hormone which makes a person more hungry. This process is called emotional eating and leads to hunger whenever a person feels stressed. 

3.Sleeping problems

Not getting enough sleep is one of the reasons for increased hunger. This is because it makes your mind stressed and your hormones get affected. As a result, you tend to eat more than your usual routine. 

Sleeping problems
Sleeping problems

4.Poor diet

Diet can be one of the reasons for feeling hungry all the time. This is because there are some foods that increase hunger rather than reducing it. So it can be possible that you feel hungry even after you have eaten much. As a result of which obesity occurs. So you must avoid those foods and drinks. 

5.Drinking less water

It is known to everyone that you must drink 7-8 glasses in a day. But it is less known that if you drink less, then also you feel much hungry. Because it leads to dehydration in the body and your body requires something to fill that gap. That is the reason why it increases your hunger. 

Methods to stop feeling hungry without eating 

Following are some of the methods to reduce hunger- 

1.Having proper sleep

Taking proper sleep is the first way to stop feeling hungry without eating. This is because sleeping for at least 7-8 hours relaxes your mind. Relaxation reduces stress and you don’t feel hungry. It has also been shown in a study that less sleep can lead to obesity problems.

2.Taking a Balanced diet

You must have a balanced and proper diet to keep you fit. This is because there are some foods which make you more hungry. These include foods rich in high sugar, juices, chips, and pasta. So you must do not eat these things after you feel hungry. It can help reduce your hunger. 

3.Reducing stress

Increased stress levels and anxiety can increase the chances of feeling hungry. So you must try to keep your mind fresh and relaxed. For this, you must try to include meditation in your routine. Involving in activities that make you happy can also help in reducing stress. 

4.Keeping yourself hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated can be another way to stop feeling hungry without eating. This is because it is scientifically proven that if you drink enough quantity of water in a day. Then it can reduce your hunger. 

5.Keeping yourself checked of diseases that increase hunger

Diabetes, thyroid, and Low blood sugar levels are said to be some reasons for increased hunger. So you must try to check it from the doctor if symptoms arise. Also if it occurs, you must try to prevent and cure it at its early stage. This can help to reduce hunger and you will not feel much hungry. 

6.Consume foods and drinks that reduce hunger

There are some foods and drinks which reduce hunger. They include green tea, protein-rich foods, and healthy fats. You must start consuming these foods and drinks. It will make you stop feeling hungry without eating.

7.Control emotional eating 

This is a situation when you feel hungry to cure stress issues. So you must reduce your stress levels to control this situation.

8.Other methods to reduce hunger

Besides the above, you must follow the below methods to reduce hunger-

  • You must chew your food slowly to reduce hunger.
  • Trying to hide your food in cupboards can also prove as a good technique to feel less hungry. 
  • Blue color has the ability to reduce hunger. So you must have this color in the kitchen. 
  • Adopting yoga and meditation to relax the mind. 

Conclusion of this article 

Now I must advise that you must start following the above methods. It will help you stop feeling hungry without eating. 


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