How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research

New Delhi, April 4, 2020: With social media penetrating deep into the market, it has become the source of first-hand information, data. Especially, for digital marketers, it has emerged as an opportunity to tap the market potential. Most definitely, it is developed upon watchwords. Hence, keyword research is significant in achieving digital marketing targets. Regardless of the platform, a digital marketer needs to be aware of the keywords used by internet users. However, not many are aware of how to determine the keywords while researching on social media. Though it may seem difficult it is a very much achievable task. One just needs to keep a few points in mind.

While on Facebook

In this social networking site audience targeting is based on hundreds of parameters. It relies on segment information, kid or getting hitched explicit leisure activities and interests. Hence to pursue the keyword research one needs to find the appropriate audience. For instance, if you are into baby products then probably you need to target mothers. In the case of wellness products targeting an audience who is interested in Yoga and exercises would be appropriate.

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Beyond Hashtags on twitter

The microblogging site is the hub of intellectuals and highly curious audiences. When it comes on to keyword research it offers a real-time unparalleled engagement. For the last few years, Twitter has refined its internal search algorithms. It has made it easier to find relevant content on the platform. Earlier hashtags were considered vital to Twitter. However, one can now search for any keyword or phrase.

Keyword Analysis for Instagram

Unlike Twitter, Instagram still relies heavily on hashtags in terms of content discovery. Apart from attractive visuals, top-performing Instagram has one common feature. They all share one common characteristic an abundance of hashtags. However, Instagram also lacks a dedicated keyword search function. In such a situation, hashtags will form the basis of your initial keyword lookout workflow.

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Keyword Analysis for YouTube

A huge amount of video content being produced and uploaded to YouTube every day. Therefore, keyword lookout and optimization are absolutely crucial on this platform. Content discovery plays a major role in optimizing content for YouTube. It is important that your keyword research be as comprehensive as possible. Especially if you’re trying to compete in a crowded or competitive vertical it is very significant.


Like twitter people join conversations on Linkedin. Hence it is the source of first-hand data. Here you can easily find what your audience is looking for. You just need to access the topics which resonate most with people. This data helps with keyword searches. Simultaneously you will get an idea about the pros and cons.

Lookout for content on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform. Hence it can get you through to understand the audience’s behavior. Lots of business content is posted on the platform which can get you the content ideas. You can search for various topics.  These can be related to social media and marketing tactics. It also can help you to find how to create infographics, product launches and more. As a result, it can help you in a keyword search on social media platforms.

These search tools may help

There are various search tools available online which can help you in your keyword research. Tools like Technorati help you to search for keywords in blogs, posts, and topics available on the internet. Likewise tools like RostRank, Commentluv, Forum, Twazzup, Topsy can help you in finding exactly what you are looking for.


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