Tragic death incident due to illegal political poster


Again an innocent had to lost her live after an illegal AIADMK hoarding fell on (illegal political poster) her while she was riding two wheeler.

Subhasri a 23 year old techie in city of Chennai was killed after a tanker rode over her after an illegal AIADMK hoarding fell on her. In such upsetting case High Court has severely lashed the Tamil Nadu government for not performing the implementation orders on erecting hoardings after they have been tirelessly and continually passing multiple orders against illegal hoardings and banners.

Subhasri is the latest victim of such illegal hoardings where judges are now raising their voices and asking whether this is the value of life of citizen in our country and for how long the innocent citizens have to pay for this?

These banners are being put up that have been occupying public space adding to environmental degradation and plus also inviting traffic issues. So is government is really waiting for such more innocent deaths to raise up from the (illegal political poster) long tiring sleep they are indulged into. Family members of such deceased people are just receiving compensation from the authorities with no other incentives being offered to them.

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