Indian Premier League During Covid- Good or Bad For the Country

Indian Premier League — “Where talent meets opportunity.”

IPL, world’s biggest cricket league is currently going on in India. IPL 2021 is organized in the country. The situation is not very good in country but the league is going on . Number of corona cases rising day by day in the country.  Many people around the country started questioning the organizing of IPL during these tough times. Although there are some people who are in support of the league happening during this pandemic. Those people support the organization of league because their point of view is different. They think that IPL brings lot of entertainment to the table. And in these tough time people of the country needs something which divert their mind from bad situation caused by corona to something entertaining.

Indian Premier League – The ultimate source of vitamin E:-

By saying vitamin E we meant entertainment. Indian Premier League is ultimate source of entertainment. From the inception of the tournament to the Big sixes, unlimited entertainment, opening ceremonies IPL revolutionized the sport and the way it is played with players from different parts of the world joining in. IPL became a platform for them to get to know the subcontinent pitches and echoed the motto, “Where Talent meets Opportunity.”

From Brendon McCullum’s blistering 158 not out in the competition’s very first match to the child-like glee in Sourav Ganguly’s celebration, from Mishra’s three IPL hat-tricks to some of Steven Smith’s Incredible Fielding, from Malinga 5 Wickets for 13 Runs to Anil Kumble’s single-handedly demolishing the Rajasthan Royals, people have witnessed nail-biting finishes. Captain Cool MSD to Aggressive Virat, from clubbing 17 sixes and breaking multiple records to ducks, from Adam Gilchrist handing the gauntlets to Praveen Kumar and deciding to give himself a bowl in his last ever match, IPL have been in people’s some of the warmest memories.

A lot of talent unearthed from the Indian Premier League from 17-year-old Sarfaraz Khan to 42 years old Pravin Tambe. From the likes of AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Faf du Plessis, Mitchell Starc, and Glenn Maxwell to Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, IPL has served us all breeding batsmen who will always attack, no matter what the situation and bowlers who can outpace any batsmen.

IPL during corona pandemic:-

World is currently in deep trouble due to corona virus pandemic. IPL has always entertained people. Corona invaded India in the year 2020. The situation had become such that people were getting very upset due to tension. It was very difficult to organize IPL in India as the situation was quite fragile. Therefore, the IPL Governing Council decided that the IPL 2020 be held in the UAE. IPL was successfully organized in the UAE. Although BCCI faced many difficulies in doing so.

Even before the start of IPL 2021, there was a thought in the minds of the people that this year the IPL will be held in India or not. BCCI and the IPL Governing Council together decided that the IPL will be held in India this year. However, the conditions in India were still not as good. The situation is worse in India due to corona in 2021 than in the year 2020. But even then the IPL was held in India. However, it was decided that the IPL would be held without the audience so that the danger of spreading corona infection could be avoided.

But now, as the situation is getting more complicated people has started questioning the happening of IPL. They think IPL must be stopped for now. Getting on with the tournament and spending crores of money over it is not right. Every individual in the country is currently going through a very rough phase.

Should IPL be stopped?

Now the biggest question in the minds of the people is whether the IPL will be stopped in the middle. Because at this time a lot of voices are seen raising against the IPL all over the country. But there are some people who are also in support of getting IPL done in this difficult situation. They believes that because of the IPL, people stay in their homes in the evening and enjoy the IPL cricket match by diverting their attention from the corona virus.

People say that IPL provides a way for people to be happy. IPL is happening in a bio bubble due to which no person connected with IPL can come in touch with anyone outside. Nor can any outside person come in touch with someone connected with IPL. Some people also believe that due to IPL, many people can arrange money for their family by working as support staff. IPL provides a source of income to thousands of people. IPL should be allowed to continue according to these people.

Now it remains to be seen what the IPL Governing Council decides about the Indian Premier League with the help of BCCI and Central Government of India.

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