COVID-19 Impact on mental health of children and adolescents


COVID-19 impact has become the biggest nightmare of everyone’s life since March 2020. It has led to millions of people across the world. The whole life of people has changed in a very negative way. Now people have become so much more concerned about their life than earning money and enjoying clubs, parties and recreational places. 

They have started knowing that life and relations is more important than anything else. But on the other side, it has caused a vast negative effect on the mental condition of persons. 

COVID-19 Impact on various age groups

1.Pre born and young children 

This is the first COVID-19 impact. The most affected people due to COVID-19 are the pre-born and young children. This is because it causes much stress and anxiety on pregnant ladies. It directly has a negative impact on the health of pre born children. Besides this, young children are too small to understand this. More unfortunate is when they too get affected and have to remain away from their parents. This is a very sad and unfortunate situation for them. 

2.COVID-19 impact- School and college going students 

Next group of people who are much affected by this COVID-19 are school and college going students. This is because from a safety point of view, colleges are conducting online classes from last 1 year. Though it is good to continue learning without any other issues. 

But it is known to everyone that online classes are very less helpful for students. It is just an alternative for this situation. The learning which students get through Physical classes can’t be given through online mode. This has caused mental dissatisfaction among students. So this has a very negative impact on the education of school and college going students.

3.Disabled persons 

There are many people who are born and brought up with some disability. They already suffer from various behavioural changes and development issues, Besides this, they suffer from various emotional instability problems. So during these situations, it is becoming much more difficult to make them understand the current scenario. This is also causing much more mental health issues for them. 

4.Under privileged children

Besides above, underprivileged children are another group of people affected from this COVID-19. Underprivileged children are those who lack even basic amenities of life. Also during these times the situation has become much worse for them. 

This is because due to lockdown and COVID-19, they can’t step out of their house and earn bread and butter for the family. So it has become much more miserable for them to live the life. Safety and food both are becoming pathetic for them. This is causing much mental problems for these children. 

5.COVID-19 Impact- Effect ofQuarantine and separation from parents

COVID-19 has also created a Quarantine period of 14 days who gets affected by them. This is the worst time period for a person. It is because a person needs to isolate himself from his loved ones during that period to prevent them from getting affected from the same. 

Living alone for such a long period causes much mental stress, anxiety and mental breakdown. This becomes much more miserable for young children as they have to leave separate from their parents. It is a very much problematic situation for people. So this is another negative COVID-19 impact on people. 

COVID-19 impact- How to tackle COVID-19 situation?

Now let us know what can be done during this negative situation-

1.Creating a positive environment

First of all, it is very much necessary to remain positive. Just create a positive environment for everyone and spread positivity all around. Talk to people around you and let them feel you are there for them. Just make everyone feel positive and mentally healthy. Listening to songs, share positive messages can surely help to get out of this situation.

2.Try to avoid watching COVID-19 news and messages

In the social media scenario, various messages get viral on this topic. But I would suggest and advise that you must avoid these kinds of messages. This is because it creates mental stress and anxiety and creates a negative environment. Also stop sharing these messages. It will help reduce COVID-19 impact. 

3.Remain busy in hobbies and other things which you love

Getting yourself busy is the most effective therapy to tackle COVID-19 impact. You can get yourself involved in your office work, household work or pick up any hobby which will make you positive and happy. This will create a positive environment and reduces mental stress.

4.Help and support each other

This situation is very much difficult and sad for everyone. So try and support everyone to come out of it. Try to help and support each other mentally to make them happy and satisfied. It will help each one of us to remain strong and happy. 


At last, I would just like to say that try to remain strong, positive during this situation. Also try to spread positivity around you and make others happy and mentally strong. 


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