12 Rare Known Interesting Facts About Sanjay Dutt

Interesting Facts About Sanjay Dutt, popularly known as the Bad Boy of Bollywood has always been engaged in controversies that had hit the headlines many times. The actor has spent many years in Jail and, has seen many ups and downs in his life. His life is truly like a film, from the action, romance to the crime he has experienced every phase.

Ultimately after quite a long time Sanjay has come on track and winning hearts again with his performances. However, there is a lot more about the actor that not everyone may be aware of. So, for all the Sanjay Dutt’s fans here are some of the most interesting facts about the Munna Bhai.

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12 Interesting Facts About Sanjay Dutt –

  • Sanjay Dutt’s name has been suggested by a random fan

During the time of his birth, Sanjay Dutt’s parents Sunil Dutt and Nargis asked people to suggest names for their son. Many names were given but Nargis liked Sanjay a lot and finalized it.

  • Sanjay started smoking at a very young age

    In an interview, Sanjay Dutt disclosed that he had smoked his first cigarette when he was in class 9th. He tried it after seeing his dad’s friends coming home and smoking together.

  • Interesting Facts About Sanjay Dutt bad habits were the reason he was sent into the boarding school

    Sanjay Dutt was a very influential child and thus, due to his bad company, he was getting used to bad habits. This brought his father Sunil Dutt into stress and, he decided to end Sanjay in a boarding school.

  • Nargis wanted to watch Sanjay Dutt’s film debut

    Sanjay Dutt’s mom Nargis was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was serious but had a desire to watch Sanjay’s first movie, Rocky. Unfortunately 5 days before the film release, Nargis left for her heavenly abode. In her memory, Sanjay had left one chair next to him vacant in the hall during the premiere of his movie.

    interesting facts about sanjay dutt
  • Sanjay Dutt used to carry Drugs in socks during his initial days in Bollywood

    Sanjay Dutt got so much addicted to drugs that he started doing it even on the shoots of his movie. In the shooting schedule for Rocky Sanjay hid drugs in his socks while he was going on a flight to Kashmir.

  • Sanjay Dutt’s drug addiction had crossed all the lines

    Eventually, Sanjay’s situation went so worse that his house workers started crying after seeing his situation. The actor had woke up two days later because of the over intoxication of drugs. Sleeping continuously for two days made Sanjay realize that he is doing wrong. Thus, he asked his father to send him to the Rehabilitation center.

  • Tina Munim broke with Sanjay Dutt because of his Drug habits

    During the shooting of Rocky, Sanjay got close to Tina and they started dating each other. However, this did not last long as Tina broke up with him due to his drug habits.

    interesting facts about sanjay dutt
    interesting facts about Sanjay Dutt
  • Sanjay Dutt had hit a man publicly because of Tina

    Sanjay Dutt was so possessive for Tina Munim that on the sets of Rocky he had hit a man publicly because he was teasing Tina. The actor even went to Rishi Kapoor’s house with Gulshan Grover to talk about his relationship rumors with Tina. Thankfully, Neetu Singh assured him that there is nothing between the two.

  • Sanjay Dutt’s first wife Richa Sharma died because of Brain Tumor

    Sanjay Dutt’s wife Richa was diagnosed with a brain tumor after which she got hospitalized in New York. In between this duration, Sanjay Dutt’s dating rumors with Madhuri started doing the rounds. Later, the two gots separated and then, in 1996 Richa died. Post her demise, their daughter Trishala’s custody was given to Sanjay. His daughter stays in the United States with her grandparents.

  • Interesting Facts About Sanjay Dutt, Subhash Ghai has once slapped him

    As per the reports, Director Subhash Ghai has once slapped Sanjay Dutt in public for his inappropriate behavior with Padmini Kolhapure. He even removed Sanjay and signed Jackie Shroff for his film Hero.

    interesting facts about sanjay dutt
    interesting facts about Sanjay Dutt
  • Sanjay used to sleep on the floor after releasing from jail

    After spending years in jail, Sanjay realized the value of his family and life. He got so much used to the hard beds of jail that, after getting released he slept on the floor for almost 15 days in his home.

  • Feroz Khan introduced Sanjay Dutt to Dawood Ibrahim

    Undoubtedly we all know that because of his connection with Dawood, Sanjay had been in severe problems. But, do you know who is the real reason behind their friendship? The late Director/Actor/Producer Feroz Khan introduced the two on the sets of “Yalgaar”.

Sanjay Dutt is the only actor who has been in so many problems. Still, he has managed to stay happy and came out of it. The actor’s positivism and will to stay strong is surely worth appreciating. Otherwise, the things that had happened in his life would crush anyone but he always showed his faith in humanity. The Khalnayak actor always looks upon the good things and take his fallback as a lesson.

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