Interesting Facts About the Colors

There are various interesting facts about colors which you must know. This is because Colours are indeed a very crucial part of everyone’s life since our birth itself. It makes a person’s mind happy and relaxing. But less is known that many psychological, funny and crazy facts are associated with it. So let us know about some of those facts through this article.

Color wise Interesting Facts 

1.Interesting Facts about Red

Most people associate Red color red with Blood and love. But there are various other interesting facts about red. Click here to know more Amazing Facts about Animals  –

  • It is interesting to note that Red is the first color a baby recognizes when he is growing up. This is because a study clarifies that a baby takes about five months to recognize colors. So from birth to those 5 months, red is the first color that he sees. 
  • Red color also relates to failure and demotivation. This is because in school times, teachers gave low grades in red color only.
  • Besides above, red also symbolizes the color of fire and blood.
  • Also, Red symbolizes a colorful and beautiful color. 
  • Other than this, according to a study, Men are also more attracted towards women wearing red colored outfits. 


Like Red, Blue symbolizes sky and color of river. But below are some of other interesting facts about the color Blue-  

  • If we go back to ancient times, it is associated with Lower middle class people. This is because in earlier times, in Ancient Rome, Upper class people wore different colors like black, red and white. But the lower middle class people wore Blue colored dresses. 
  • It is most favorite color worldwide. This is because it is a favorite of almost 40% of the world’s population. International researches have discovered it. Next in the list is Purple with popularity of 14% of the world’s population. 
  • University of Maryland, discovered that Blue is the most fond color of Americans. This is because 42% of American men usually like this color. Besides this, 29% Women are fond of this color. 
  • Blue and other dark colors attracts Mosquitoes more than other light colors. 

3.Interesting Facts about Pink

Pink is mostly girl’s color. Since it fascinates mostly half of the girls’ population. But besides being a girls color, there are many other facts related to this color-

  • According to a research by American Institute for Biosocial Research, London, Pink is the most relaxing color out of all the colors. So it will help to reduce anger, anxiety and aggressive issues in people and make them relax. Due to this only, Hospitals and prisons use it for the walls and prisons. 


Though White is a Color of peace, there are many cool facts about color White-

  • Besides being a Peace color, White is the most safe of all colors. Monash University Accident Research Centre has specifically proved it.  They established that most car accidents are occurred with color Black and Least car accidents with color White. 


Below are some of the fun facts about the color yellow-

  • This color makes you confused and losing mental balance. So this is the only reason why it is not used in aeroplanes. 

6.Interesting Facts about Green

Below are the fun facts about green- 

  • If we associate this color to the middle ages, we can relate it to being unreliable, betrayal and also inconsistency. 

General Interesting Facts about colors

Below given are some of the general facts about colors-

1.Relates to childhood memories

People usually associate colors to childhood memories. This is because whatever people have with them in their childhood of that color, that color reminds them of that particular color. For example, if any girl has a pink barbie doll of pink color, then on becoming older too, Pink color will remind her of a barbie doll. 

2.Interesting Facts about Colors stimulating and suppressing hunger

Hunger is also associated with colors. There are some colors like Yellow and Red which increase our appetite and also some colors like Blue which suppress our appetite. So this is the only reason for getting attracted to Dummy in red and yellow outside Mcdonalds. Also, this is the reason behind various food chains having red and yellow in their logos. 

3.Persons with color blindness disorder have night vision quality 

There are some people who have color blindness. It means they are unable to differentiate between certain colors. But it is interesting that they have much better night vision than others. 

4.Women are better in differentiating colors

It is another interesting fact that women recognize types of colors better than men. That is the reason why women recognise various shades of colors for their lipsticks and clothes than men. 

5.Interesting Facts- Colors are more remembered

According to psychology, people remember something with colors more than visuals with black and white. This is because people are more attracted towards colors than something of black and white. 

6.Black indicates more power

It is a fact that black color indicates more power. Because of this reason, lawyers in courts, people in interviews and graduation ceremonies wearing black look more powerful. 

7.Color wheel facts 

Colors are nothing but reflections of light. Issac Newton made it clear and invented the Color wheel. This color wheel helped people to differentiate between different colors.

Besides this, German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also helped people to understand about colors through his book “Theory of colors”. 

8.Interesting Facts- Colors affects Taste 

It is surprising but an interesting fact to note that colors of dish affects the taste of the food or drink. This is because if you eat hot chocolate in mugs of orange and cream color, then it will taste much tastier than others.  

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