IPL 2021 is suspended due to corona outbreak

Indian Premier League 2021 is now suspended. This is all because of corona outbreak which has been seen in the camp of few IPL teams. Board of control for cricket in India is planning to suspend the IPL for now. Earlier it was in news that the remaining matches of IPL might be rescheduled in the capital of Maharastra. But now it is suspended. IPL was always under the hammer this year. People were always questioning the organization of IPL during this pandemic.

The condition in India is very bad right now. Around 4 lakhs covid cases are coming every day. Although people are getting recovered with the same rate as well. But this second wave of corona virus is more dangerous than the first one which had happened last year. The second wave is causing more deaths and is more threatening.

So was it right decision from BCCI to organize IPL during corona pandemic? And why not they organized the IPL in UAE, where the situation is not that worse. IPL 2020 was successfully organized in UAE. Let us all study the current scenario of India Premier League.

Corona outbreak in IPL teams camp:-

IPL 2021 was going on pretty well till the first week of may. Players were feeling very comfortable in the bio bubble organized by BCCI. But then a news arrived on Monday and everyone got stunned. Two players from Kolkata knight riders have test positive for corona virus. Varun Chakraborty and Sandeep warrior are the two players who first tested positive for corona virus.

Except these two players all other players of the team are safe and tested negative as well. BCCI is looking into the matter. Kolkata knight riders were scheduled to play there eighth match of the tournament on Monday against Royal challengers Banglore. But because of corona outbreak the game got rescheduled. Whole Kolkata team along with their staff members have gone into isolation.

Another breaking news arrived on same day. Two staff members and CEO of team Chennai Super kings have also tested positive. Although two of them got negative reports by the evening.

Other teams are also in danger:-

As the news of players getting positive came out, BCCI and IPL governing council came into action. Kolkata last played match against Delhi capitals two days back. And because of this BCCI asked all the people associated with Delhi capitals to isolate them.

But on Tuesday two players from Delhi capitals also tested positive for corona virus. Delhi was scheduled to play against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Tuesday. This game is also got rescheduled now. Delhi’s whole team is in quarantine now. Chennai super kings have also gone into quarantine. So there might be a chance that viewer can not be able to enjoy IPL matches this week.

BCCI has suspended IPL 2021 indefinitely:-

After the news of corona outbreak in the camps of several teams arrived, BCCI was looking for alternate options. As per the news came yesterday BCCI was planning to move Indian premier League to Mumbai. Earlier it was decided that IPL games will be played in five different cities. Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Ahemdabad and Bengaluru were the five cities where games were scheduled. Currently the tournament was going on Ahemdabad and Delhi.

Now as more and more players are getting infected, BCCI decided to suspend the IPL. Tournament was only half completed till now. Organizing IPL during these tough times was always going to turn out to be a difficult task. Although Bio Bubble is quite successful thing in recent times. But there is very little chance of mistake. One mistake and tournament is got suspended.

Why in India, not UAE?

One question which is striking in every cricket fans mind is that why not BCCI organized IPL in UAE as they did last year. In UAE the situation is under control. Last year the tournament was very much successful. But why BCCI decided to organize tournament in India this year?

Actually when IPL was scheduled the situation in India was not that bad. And IPL is Indian tournament, so BCCI thought of organizing it at home. Organizing tournament in Indian was a emotional decision. First half of the tournament was quite successful. But suddenly because of slight mistake of someone whole tournament is suffering now. There is also a news that if some player has broken the rules then he might suffer ban from competitive cricket for at least 6 years.

No one thought that Bio Bubble will get breeched. But as of now Indian premier league 2021 has been suspended indefinitely.

What now?

For now IPL is suspended. There is no chance of IPL 2021 to get continue in recent times. People might be thinking that IPL will get rescheduled after some time. But you people might be wrong. There is currently no window available for BCCI to organize IPL once again. This year World Cup 20-20 is also scheduled to happen in India. Also many bilateral series are also scheduled to happed this year. Indian have to play world test championship finals in Month of June.

So there is currently no chance of getting IPL completed this year. The first and most important task for BCCI for now is to keep each and every player safe.

Looking at the scenario created due to covid all around the country it is quite clear that World cup will not be organized in India. BCCI has made is clear before that if the situation doesn’t get better soon, World cup might be moved to UAE.


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