It’s Sara Ali Khan Birthday; Can’t keep Calm!

Sara Ali Khan Birthday is today. And the ‘Sweetheart of Bollywood’ and of course, our hearts, turns 26 today. She is a cheerful and grounded actress, who adds liveliness wherever she goes. The extremely talented actress never fails to win our hearts. So, on the occasion of Sara Ali Khan Birthday, we’ve brought to you a glimpse of her journey. Knock-knock, are you ready? Read the article till the end and explore Sara Ali Khan’s journey.

Sara Ali Khan Birthday Special: Her Life Journey

Beautiful and extremely talented actress Sara Ali Khan, daughter of The Nawab of Bollywood Saif Ali Khan and actress Amrita Singh. The Kedarnath actress comes from an industrious family of achievers. Her grandmother Sharmila Tagore is one of the finest gems in Hindi and Bengali cinema. While her grandfather, Mansoor Ali Khan aka Tiger Pataudi, was one of the greatest captains of Indian Cricket. He has made India proud on many occasions when he was the captain of the Indian test cricket team.

So when she finished the 10th grade, she was almost convinced that she wants to do medicine. But she aborted the idea of doing medicine because of her hand tremors and decided to study law. During her second last semester of college, she did an acting course.

She loves studying till date and loves reading. In a university like Columbia, in a city like New York, she did courses in everything. She did history, political science, chemistry, she did maths, she did economics, literature, and philosophy. She did so many different things and enjoyed each and every one of them.

But nothing gave her the happiness as much as she got on the theatre stage. She never felt what she felt when she did theatre on stage. Though acting was her dream since she was four, she never tried it. The reason being that she was very very large and weighed 96 kgs. But due to her PCOD problems, she had to get in shape and become healthier. So, she followed a nutritional diet regime and did rigorous workouts, and became the goddess that she is now. It was during her stay in the United States that she lost about 30 kgs of weight. Surprisingly, when she returned to India, even her mother Amrita Singh couldn’t recognise her at the airport. Apparently, Sara Ali’s weight loss tips is what we all need now!

Sara Ali Khan as a student

Sara was a very studious child who loved to read a lot of books. She often reads history books even while she’s waiting in her van for her shoot.  Also, she studied in Besant Montessori School as her parents were very keen that she gets admission to that school. She really enjoys sciences and was a national topper in 10th grade.  She got 100% in chemistry, physics, and biology in her 10th board exams. After completing her schooling, she applied to her dream college, Oxford University in England. Unfortunately, she didn’t get in and this made her disheartened. But later she got admission in Columbia University in New York. Now she has a degree in history and political science.

Those three years that she spent in New York, were the best moment of her life. She would give an arm and a leg to do it again, one more time. Though a lot of people have this natural influence to become a doctor or a lawyer, to get a degree to survive and settle. But in Sara Ali’s case, her education was never a means to her career. It was something that allowed her to really be who she is today. So, it was way more personal than professional.

Sara Ali Khan as an Actress

Sara Ali Khan comes from the family of the Nawabs and has a film background. Therefore, the scrutiny of the attention that she has received has been more than it would be otherwise. But she doesn’t necessarily look at that as a burden, as she believes it would make her stiff and hinder her performance.

The most exciting thing about acting for Sara is that you forget who you are, between action and cut and you attempt to do justice to somebody else’s life, story and character and that becomes you. And by doing that, this profession allows her to live so many different lives and so many different experiences, that she wouldn’t have on her own. Apparently, this is why we make films. We do things that are not necessarily real and not necessarily common. Whether it is Simmba or Kedarnath, acting enables her to feel and do things that she doesn’t feel or do on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, acting is like her way into the secret maybe even more real-life than she actually has.

Sara Ali Khan started her Bollywood career in 2018 with the movie Kedarnath. In Kedarnath, she worked with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who was her first co-star. The same year, Sara also co-starred with Ranveer Singh in Rohit Shetty’s Simmba. Their chemistry and dance on ‘Aankh Maarey’ got very popular and helped Sara win thousands of fans. Sara Ali Khan’s films also include Love Aaj Kal with co-star Kartik Aaryan and Coolie No 1 with Varun Dhawan. Her upcoming movie will be Atrangi Re with Akshay Kumar and south star Dhanush.

Sara as a Daughter

Her mother, Amrita Singh, is like the flag bearer of humanity. She so believes in putting your head down and letting your work speak for yourself. Sara was not allowed to go to the Diwali parties and all those filmy places. So, she never really had much exposure to Bollywood, at all. Therefore, she never thought that she comes from a family of stars and also doesn’t look at herself as a star. Her father inculcated in her very early in life that education is of prime importance. So, whatever Sara did, she did it herself and with full honesty.

Her education gave her confidence, then a little bit of eloquence. Also, it taught her how to live her own life, which is very very important. Sara comes from a house where her mom is so protective. Amrita is not just a mother of two, but she is a single mother, that too a very good one. She never ever let Sara feel like there is anything in this world that Sara could want, to not have.

While that is an extremely romantic story between Sara and her mom,  it was a slightly damaging story. In real life, that is not how things really work; you don’t get everything that you want. But Sara doesn’t believe in words like a burden, pressure, and all of that. What Sara believes is that ‘You are as burdened as you want to be and you take as much pressure as you want to.’

A sweetheart in real life

After graduating from the University of Columbia in 2016,  Sara Ali Khan returned to India and started to prepare for her debutant projects, Simmba and Kedarnath. Sara’s dad Saif Ali Khan already rules our hearts. Now, with her mind-blowing acting skills, Sara proves that she is the pro in the making. Education to her is of prime importance and is an integral part of who she is today. And it is very inspirational for all of us to hear the story of the fantastic transformation of a hard-working student to a heart throbbing actress today. We wish Sara Ali Khan a very Happy Birthday and pray for her to achieve great heights in her life!

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