Keep Your Wardrobe Updated, Summer Fashion 2020 is Here

New Delhi, February 21, 2020: Believe it or not, Summer fashion repeats itself. Although, slightly in a newer pinch. This is what we are set to witness in upcoming summers. Right from Polka to tie & dye and from puffs, to neon all are here to give you glitters. Therefore, if chosen wisely these can enhance your looks. Simultaneously, the latest update will give you an edge over others.

 Polka dots

Vintage fashion like Polka never goes out of trend. For every girl and woman, polka dots dress is a must have. They are classic styled and trendy fashion for all seasons. Therefore, it is undeniably youthful flair. On top of that, remains an incredibly timeless option for females of all ages. Hence Polka will rule the upcoming season.

Tie & Dye

Who knew that fashion which once ruled Rajasthan would become a global trend? For tie & dye is very much here to reign the summer fashion 2020. This trend hit last year and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As a result, surfer girl T-shirts might be the most obvious choice. Along with that tie & dye kurti and skirts are set to rock the season.


Electrifying Neon colors are back in Summer fashion and they are here to stay. From loud pastel hues to rich floral patterns, Neon is going to rock.  From neutral colors to exotic prints, designers are capturing the very essence of this style. Above all, electric colors will make you shine in gloomy weather. Palazzo pants, loose shirts or casual tops, all seem to be adorning this comeback trend with joy.

Puff sleeves

The upcoming season is all about voluminous sleeves. It is going to be short puff sleeves, three fourth puff or leg of mutton puff.  The trend gives out a very vintage vibe. Especially for those who look for classics. Those who are gearing for wedding season can carry puffed blouse with pencil skirt. On the other hand, for a puffed sleeved crop top, pairing it lehenga would be better. While wearing a puffed sleeve the rest should be subtle.

Layered dresses

The fashion of layered dresses never gets obsolete. Double layer dress having loose-fitting is very much to stay this season. Similarly, off-shoulder and frilled layered are set to rule. From sleeveless to quarter sleeves, layered dresses are going to provide you with classic look. Moreover, white colored layered dress is compulsory possession for every girl.



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