Rainbow wedding-most amazing Marriage’s vows

Kolkata gets its first rainbow
As transgender couple
Marriage vows

Sounds very cool but do you know about RAINBOW WEDDING?
It is a Transgender Couple Marriage.
Indian Transgender Couple Marry in KOLKATA for which they went for an underwent sex re-assignment. After that, they have tied the knot in a
traditional Bengali ceremony, in what is believed to be the state’s first
“rainbow wedding.”

the first transgender wedding

The transgender couple, Tista Das and Dipan Chakraborty, had announced their wedding in April this year. But Dipan’s family didn’t support his decision
and on that note, they stayed away from all the social event, while Tista’s
mother was standing like a pillar to support her decision.

tista and dipan

Thirty-eight-year-old Tista is a popular face of the transgender community in
Kolkata and also has worked as an actor in films and TV. She met Dipan at an age of 40, and fall in love with him. In April, on the occasion of National
Transgender Day of Visibility, the duo announced their decision to tie the knot in what is now known as Kolkata’s first ‘rainbow wedding’.

bangal's first transsexual marriage

She is Bengal’s first transsexual woman with a voter ID card.
Official estimates for India’s transgender population now in India are about to
touch several million but they live on the fringes of Indian society, with many
forced into prostitution, begging or menial jobs and are treated with zero
But over the centuries transgender people are now a known figure to the
society ad their presence is now more than visiting royal courtesans to
participating in birth ceremonies and other auspicious occasions for which they
have waged a lengthy battle to protect their rights and end discrimination.

To support that India’s supreme court recognized them as a third gender in a
historic 2014 ruling. On Tuesday, India’s lower house passed a transgender bill to protect the rights of transgender people in law.

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