Female Circumcision: the need to abolish this practice

What actually is circumcision?

Circumcision literal meaning is cutting

Female genital multination

around and is mainly performed on
larger practice done on male
reproductive part. A kind of small
surgery is being performed on the
foreskin( loose tissue) that covers the
glans of penis.
History of circumcision

Circumcision had its root in middle East
and is regarded as a mandatory
religious practice. A male not being
circumcised was often regarded impure
by the religious group. In Islam it’s a
mandatory practice that needs to be
done in order to be true Muslim.
Though circumcision was practiced on
male citing various healthy benefits of
this practice slowly it made a shift to
female circumcision too which is also
known as female genital cutting. It’s
roots were originated from Africa, Asia
and middle east.
Female genital mutilation
It is the procedure in which removal of
external female genitals is being done.
It is mostly done just after the birth or

in early age only. Also the surgery
performed in this process is quite
traditional by using of blade. Also their
is no kind of medical norms followed
that may result into unforeseen
medical un towards happening. Also
the midwives doing this are untrained
medically without any safety measure
and medical negligence is always
feared is quite common in such cases.
Which female private part is removed ?
Quite amazingly the procedure differs
according to country and ethnic
groups. Following are the different
procedures being followed:-
 Removal of clitoral hood & clitoral
 Removal of inner labia

 Removal of both inner & outer labia
and closure of vulva
 Infibulation is done which means a
small hole is left for passage for
urinal and menstrual fluid & vagina
is opened for intercourse and
Reasons being cited in favour of female
The most prominent reason people
practicing this gives is to safeguard the
female purity, modesty & beauty. They
believe it save girls from falling into
social exclusion. Though till date no
health benefit has been founded out of
due to this practice.
Demerits of female circumcision


Female genital mutilation only give
birth to health risks only and has been
unacceptable by human rights and
health perspective . Below are the
harmful effects of female

*.Painful urination
*. HIV
*.Harmful effect on female sexual
obstetric fistula
*. Prenatal risks
*. Psychological consequences
Current status of this malpractice of
female circumcision in India
This malpractice of female
circumcision is being practiced on
leave scale by community named
“Dawoodi Bohra” often termed as a

religious practice. The supporters of
this malpractice says that clitoris is
unwanted skin in female body
unaware of the fact that it is from
where the female experience orgasm.
For such traditional women clitoris is
nothing less than “ haram ki boti” or
immoral lump of flesh. The victims of
this cruel practice have now stepped
out to speak against this practice in
order to spread awareness about it
and abolish this cruel practice. An
online petition has been created to
sign and plea the government and
society norms to intervene in this
matter. Women who are victims of
this inhuman practice are coming in
open and raising their voice against

this. They strongly raises the fact that
female circumcision leads to curb
sexual desire. It something that is
categorized in arena of child abuse
which leaves women physically,
psychologically and sexually
damaged. Its time to come in open
and talk about this cruel practice and
put an end to such inhuman practice
which only results in pain and agony
of the women.

stop FGM

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