Lenovo IdeaPad S340 14-inch laptop including Intel Enabled. They have narrow frames and responsibility to ensure the security camera, and you can choose the private key. It looks very similar IdeaPad S340 already Ideapad 330s.


Laptop screens 14 (1080, 1920) has no interbank payment systems with the sound of the voice. Ideapad S340 Dolby technology. This concludes FHD. Laptop side directly above li bezels as well as the speakers of a laptop screen with a weight Expo 2k 2V and 322.7mm 230.5mm Premium. 17.9mm and weighs 1.55kg, the laptop Black, Sand Pink, Blue and centuries, Gary.


Lenovo Laptops good for a 10-hour fast charger technology efforts, and said, This includes many types of storage, including SSIE Cartridge 128G / 256G / 512G / 1TB M.2 (NVIDIA) HDD 1TB / 2TB support and Wheelbarrow (SSD + HDD) 128G / 256G + 1TB HDD, 16g Octane + 1TB HDD. Support WIFI 802.11 AC 1k1 and 2k2, MU-range technology and Bluetooth 4.2. Lenovo , including 2k USB 3.1 is the Charging Genesis 1 (1), C-1, and 4 USB card, SD card reader, headphone / override the Platform, and the transmission line (DC circuit).

Operating System

Ideapad S340 from Gen Intel® Core ™ processing. This process allows you to control your camera, the camera saw it. The keyboard users, as well as a selection from the work of lighting environments. The Windows 10 and 16 GB will be used to support Optane drum. GP NVIDIA® GeForce® MKS230 Laptop Support for GV.

As well as in the test, including McAfee LiveSafe (on) Lenovo a few looks back at the program, Lenovo, and Microsoft Office-year test (except Japan), the Lenovo App Explorer, LinkedIn, and Lenovo users.

 Reasons To BUY The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 

  1. Battery Life:

The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 has an older charger of 52.5Vh. Translated from English, you should have more than 12 hours of grip over 10 hours. And the day is dull.

  1. Excellent CPU And GPU Combo

For example, the integrated ULV Core i5-8265U and UHD 620 are similar, and his office will oversee day-to-day operations. Processor performance is fast for draining life coal.

Discreet NVIDIA GPU with an average of over 60 FPS thanks for providing fun and gaming games like Dote 2.

  1. Price

We have some excellent laptops. Yes, the S340 works. We have a fire on the motherboard i5-8265U, NVIDIA MKS 230, 8-NVMe gigabytes.

  1. Backlit Keyboard

When the room is entered, the lightweight keyboard, as well as the castle, will be happy with the money. You won’t find the key, and I worked with ease to worry even at night.

 Reasons NOT To Buy The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 

  1. TN Screen:

Well, at least, 1080p changed. 1-angles are not working correctly in space; Expo covers only 54%, the highest brightness is of 227 bits is the only difference: 360. If you sit in front of him when the weapon is used. PVM, but within an hour, at least in the medium wave and have a safe.

There is not a health-keepers as PVM, but also the colour screen to reduce the production of preparation, but the glory cloud if you are familiar with the Blue Light, Type; DR – that affect the eyes, skin and whole body.


Lenovo IdeaPad S340 ==Rs. 56098


The Lenovo IdeaPad S430 has improved life and camera health compared to previous, clearer young and experienced IdeaPad 330S. Letting your new users have an excellent IPS LCD panel and at the same time enabling the Asus VivoBook is not bad if you want to buy one.


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