New Delhi, February 26, 2020: Full of antioxidants and other health benefits, coffee forms a significant part of our lives. Fresh aromatic coffee is what everyone wishes for. So far, scientists have identified approximately a thousand antioxidants. These are specifically found in unprocessed coffee beans. However, many more develop during the process of roasting. Many would-be unaware, there is another process that makes coffee tastier. This process involves coffee beans to pass through the digestive tract of an animal. Here we are talking about the costliest coffee in the world,Animal’s kopi luwak.

Civet Coffee

Produced mostly in Indonesia, Animal’s Kopi luwak consists of partially digested coffee beans.  Asian palm civets eat these beans first. Afterward, the cherries get fermented as they pass through a civet’s digestive system. Subsequently, they are defecated with other fecal matter. Later are collected and processed to produce the finest aromatic coffee.

Raccoon like creature

Civet has a long tail like a monkey and face markings like a raccoon. They have stripes all over their body. These are mostly found in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Insects and small reptiles form a major part of their food chain. In addition, they like fruits such as coffee cherries and mangoes.

The process

Producers believe that coffee is improved through two mechanisms. It includes a selection of civets who choose to eat only certain cherries. Above all, it comprises of digestion mechanisms. Biological and chemical processes in the Animal’s digestive tract naturally process the beans. Besides, the digestive mechanism alters the composition of cherries.

Controversial traditional method

In this method, palm civets are kept in cages. Also, they are forced to feed on the cherries. This method of production has raised ethical concerns. As it involves cruelty in the treatment of civets. Simultaneously, it raised questions on their conditions. Atrocities extend from isolation to poor diet and small cages. Along with that, high mortality is worrying the animal activists.

Costliest Coffee- Animal’s Poo

Rather than a coffee, kopi luwak is a form of processing. The unique delicious taste of the coffee makes it different from the other products. As a result, this rich aromatic coffee is the most expensive. It costs around Rs 50,000 per kilogram. So you have to shed a pretty hefty amount to taste the poo processed coffee.