Mona Singh is all set to tie knot with her boyfriend in two days

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Star Mona Singh is prepared to get married with boyfriend. She may soon join the bandwagon of married actors, and the day is not so far. She has been in a steady relationship for the past year and might get married soon!

Some of us are delighted with the entire idea of marriage, which we have planned in our minds since our childhood. We have designed all things like entry song, pre-wedding shoots, pre-wedding festivities, or practice the vidaai crying. However, the only thing which is incomplete is a suitable groom.

Her Career journey

Mona Singh gained fame with Ekta Kapoor’s Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. After her Jassi assignment, Mona’s love life became everyone’s interest. She is dating actor, Karan Oberoi. She had a very open-secret love life. If rumors to be believed, then there is a possibility that marriage is on the cards this year.

Her relationship

In detailed, it was reported that the 38-year-old actress has been in a steady relationship for the past one year and to be getting married in December 2019. She neither denying the rumor nor accepting it at the moment.

Where It was all started

Regarding her relationship with Karan Oberoi, they had met with each other on the set of Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. They had dated for a short period until they surprisingly parted ways. Both had decided to maintain a low profile, which pertains to their breakup. Both were happily moving in their respective life.
In an interview, Karan Oberoi had spoken about his breakup with an ex-girlfriend, Mona Singh, and revealed the reason behind their low-key breakup, and he said, “I wanted to be with her. She is a wonderful girl and a great artist. She was not looking for marriage at that time marriage.

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