Has the stardom of Salman Khan faded? | Review of Dabangg 3

We can say that it is a Timepass entertaining film. After two hit Dabangg films, he just made an entry with the third Dabangg. You can say It is a typical Bollywood cum Tollywood revenge story with larger than life (Download Dabangg 3) fight sequences meaning by one hero beating the several numbers we can say approximately 15 to 20 villains and sometimes these villains are of double size than the actor. It’s out and out Salman’s film and as Chulbul Pande he continued his screen presence and his skills in a speech in dialogue delivery.

Songs seem to be like the speed breakers in the film and come every 15 minutes making the film’s so slow. Only the song “Munna badnam hua” is visually delight and entertaining.

There are two heroines are like the aachar and papad in the film. As Saiee Mahesh Manjrekar is good but very poor chemistry with Salman. She looks like Salman’s daughter or younger sister. Another one the Sonakshi has little to do in this film as Salman’s wife Rajjo but their chemistry is okay. But best and impressive character is Baali Singh performed by southern superstar Sudeep.
Tollywood superstars are becoming villains in Bollywood films. Sudeep looks like Javed Jaffrey but his body language and expressive eyes steal the show. There is so many character artist like Arbaaz, dimple Kapadia, Mahesh Manjrekar, Prabhu deva, Warina Hussain as item girl is like side dishes. Prabhu deva is the director of the film but songs are averagely choreographed except ‘Munna badnam Hua’. Like Shammi Kapoor, Salman has his personal inbuilt choreography moves and only they can carry their dancing styles.

Overall we will give 2.5 out of 5. But as the Salman fans in rest of India and Sudeep fans in the southern belt will make it blockbuster.

Zafreen Khan
Zafreen Khan is a student in computer science field which helped her to involve in blogging and other online platform. This field has enhanced her working experience. She loves to try new things every now and then. Online world has provided her some great opportunity of being touch with brands and also got involved in many of the startups. She loves to travel and explore different variety of foods. You can find her writing and sipping coffee at the coffee shop.



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