Money Heist Season 5 Trailer is out!

Money Heist Season 5 Trailer: Money Heist (in Spanish La casa de Papel which means “The House of Paper”) is a Spanish TV series created by Alex Pina. Now that the TV show has become popular worldwide and coming with Season 5, people can’t keep calm. Before watching the Money Heist official trailer, here’s what you need to know about Money Heist.

Watch Money Heist Season 5 Trailer

Finally, the wait is over as Money Heist Season 5 Trailer has come out today. Money Heist was first premiered on Spanish TV Channel Antena 3 in the early months of 2017. Initially, it had a good start with 4.5 million viewers in its first season. However, the viewership declined to less than half in the second season. And then it was done and everybody went through a grieving process.

Just when everybody felt that it was the end of the road, suddenly Netflix comes along. In 2017, Netflix buys the show so that the whole world can see the Spanish series. But nobody was expecting anything from this as no money was spent in the advertising of the series. Money Heist was just there in the International catalogue of Netflix.

But then one day, something surprising happened. Suddenly, the followers of the actors in Money Heist started increasing on social media. There were tonnes of new followers from many countries. Then came the pictures from Rio de Janeiro Carnival and gigantic flags in Dubai with people dressed up in red costumes. People begin protesting on the streets with their Dali masks on. And all of a sudden, Money Heist became a phenomenon.

Soon, Money Heist got ranked on the second position in the main worldwide show ranking. Not just that, it also received an award for the Best Drama Series at the 46th International Emmy Awards. People started imitating the characters’ costumes and it became a symbol in all kinds of protests in the USA, Lebanon, Asia, Africa and other places. The response was overwhelming.

Money Heist Season 3

When we all thought that the story is over, Netflix asked the Money Heist team to plan another robbery. Though it was exciting but challenging at the same time. Now that there are millions of viewers from all over the world, the team can not disappoint them. So, there had to be double fun, excitement, thrill, and suspense for the viewers.

So, when the shooting for Season 3 began, the characters realised that their lives have changed immensely. They were no longer some anonymous person, they got famous. Also, their fans followed them to all the shooting destinations and it even became difficult for them to shoot. Money Heist was a huge success and even became the most viewed TV show in the history of France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Portugal. The series was the most viewed in all the countries and it was all spontaneous.

Characters of Money Heist

People begin to have a physiological bond with the characters of Money Heist. They fell in love with the characters, with the kindness and evil in each one of them, their past, and at times, with their stupidity when they make mistakes. They started relating themselves to the characters based on the qualities they had. When people get addicted to a show, they basically get addicted to the characters. So, the more emotionally powerful and richer the characters are, the viewers are more hooked. Talking about the characters and their qualities, here is the list of the main characters of Money Heist.

The leader (Professor)

He’s very clever, brilliant and the head of a criminal association, but deep down he is a loser. His personality makes him different from others. He’s surprising and his behaviour is that of a nerd. A sociopath who stays away from society and the leader of his criminal gang.


She’s the sputnik of the show and can blow up any situation. She’s like the fuel for any script. Sometimes she’s mature while at others she’s childish. She’s very impulsive and can’t get a hold of herself. Often cliché is combined with unexpected situations and Tokyo brings the best out of it.


He’s the bad guy of the gang and undoubtedly, we all love him. The most hostile character, a mystery and a really special man. He’s despicable but at times, admirable. He’s one of the most-loved characters of Money Heist but surely, not the kind of character you would like your daughter to marry. A misogynist, narcissist, and psychopath, creates a kind of repulsion in our minds.


The most caring member of the gang and the most loved character of Money Heist. Undoubtedly, her death feels like the end of an era, and all of us couldn’t stop our tears. She’s a darling.


Hope you all remember the hostage at gunpoint right at the beginning of the heist. He represents the plain selfishness that we all have in us. He’s very deplorable, has wild passion and no one can stand him. He is the black humour element of Money Heist and does everything crazy. He is surprising, entertaining, abominable, and that makes him very funny.

The symbols of Money Heist

Bella Ciao song, shield and red colour are some of the symbols of Money Heist. The red colour represents passion, agitation, urgency, and alert. Thus, the intentional use of red colour is to draw attention and to keep the viewers alert. Throughout the show, the photography and art team have done spectacular work. The entire theme of the show is dark with tertiary colours so that the characters’ skin and jumpsuit stand out. Red colour gives the characters an iconography of their own.

Moreover, believe it or not, but we have a certain obsession with the Bella Ciao anthem. As soon as you begin the hum hum, people start singing with you. Bella Ciao was an Italian anti-fascist anthem during World War II. Fascinatingly, once again the world heard it 75 years later. It talks about resistance and gives you an epic feel. The notes, tempo, and lyrics, give us a patriotic vibe. However, when Berlin and Professor sing Bella Ciao, it begins a new dimension and you fall in love with it all over again. The anthem is sacred and emotional for each and every character.

How popular is Money Heist?

The anthem, costume and Dali masks have become popular and people now use them as pop culture symbols. Because of the ease to recreate and repeat, the symbols of Money Heist are getting popular. It has become a universal icon. The characters have become damn heroes for the public out there. Now each person can use the red jumpsuit, Dali mask and Bella ciao and start a movement.

Though Money Heist starts with a bizarre group of robbers, they all end up living a life full of adventure. They are receiving love and fame from all over the world. However, the characters are also pushing their limits and living life on the edge while shooting. They are always on the brink to bring out the best so that the viewers can enjoy. And surely, the team will bring more excitement and adventure in Season 5 of Money Heist.

Money Heist Crux

Since the entire team of Money Heist is Latin, there was full passion in the series. From passionate romance scenes to candid kissing, Money Heist was a combination of action and drama. However, despite some drama elements, the series is both superficial and exciting. Moreover, the series is so full of empathy that we end up loving the bad guy. Keeping the viewers on the edge is the main focus of the entire series. The scenes are so unpredictable that the viewer is always curious as to what will happen next. The director has come up with roles that have not been used before and tried to do the unexpected. The characters have played so challenging roles that the viewers are stimulated to a great extent.

The entire series has an obsession with veracity. With that said, the plan used for the heist included the real problems that one could face while doing a real robbery. So, marine engineers were called to drive a strategy to solve the problem. Moreover, all the risky actions were performed by professionals under supervision.

The best part of the series is that no character is sacred. Every character walks on the thin ice and is hanging with a thin thread. However, if a TV show is inoffensive and not dark, it’s boring. Also, the audience expects big so there’s nothing better than a character who provokes feelings of empathy but it can be risky at times.

Watch Money Heist Season 5 Trailer here

Money Heist is a global show all the way. The footage was spectacular and the results were amazing. Also, the viewers’ reactions were overwhelming. The production was challenging for directors, writers, and the characters and thus they were permanently terrified. Money heist used all the genres and people were excited to hear immense stories of the characters. The suspense gave us Goosebumps and the characters were so relatable that it feels like we’ve known them since forever. We’ll cherish it forever!

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