Perfumes Information- All you need to know about Perfumes 

Introduction- What is perfume and History of Perfumes? 

Perfumes Information are not just new in our society. It originates from 2500 years ago. The word Perfumes has been taken from a latin word “per fumus” which simply means “through smoke”. If you go back to history, then you can get its origin. Persians, Romans, Orientals, Arabs and Indians have started its making. A lady, Tapputi of Mesopotamia, prepared the first perfume and recorded its techniques in scriptures of that time. Also the first perfume factory was in Cyprus. 

Besides this, our Ayurvedic Scriptures also include the process of making perfumes which is also called as “ittar”. Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita include this process. This all is related to its introduction and history. But there is a lot more to know about it. So read this article in detail to know about perfume information like the process of making perfume, its available types and scents. 

Perfumes Information- How are perfumes made? 

Next in the list of Perfumes Information are the process is to know how are perfumes made. There are very simple steps involved in making perfumes. Now let us know what are perfumes made of- 

Step 1- First, Extract oils from flowers and fruits. Its type would depend on the type of fragrance you required for perfumes. This extraction would be done through various scientific processes.

Step 2- Then blend all the oils as per a scientific formula. This will create the desired fragrance as you require.

Step 3- Now mix the fragrance along with alcohol and water. This would be required as per required proportion according to fragrance. 

Step 4- Once the mix is ready,  it is kept aside for months or years. Since older perfumes last longer and are more better. So that is the reason it is preferred to kept it aside for as much long time as we can. 

Step 5- Then after it is ready, a final mixing takes place, put in bottles and then is sold in the market. 

Perfumes Information- Different notes for perfumes

There are basically three notes of a perfume. Here notes means the type of fragrance which we smell after applying it on the body. 

1.Top notes

This smell is felt just after applying it on the body. It is somewhat lighter than other notes. So you can smell it for a few minutes ranging from 15 to 20 minutes only. 

2.Heart notes

This is the second fragrance which we smell in a perfume. It starts after top notes and lasts mostly for about 4- 5 hours. 

3.Base notes

Besides this, it is the last note of a perfume. It just starts when the heart note fades. You will usually smell this note in the morning after using the perfume.

Perfumes Information- Varieties of Perfumes

Now let us know in the topic Perfumes Information that what is the fragrance of perfumes is and its types. Since perfumes contain various different types of ingredients in it. So perfumes can be divided into various categories. Below given are some of the categories of perfumes-


As the name indicates, this variety of perfume basically contains fresh ingredients. So these ingredients include fresh fruits, leaves, herbs and moss. These include various kinds of fruits like orange, peach, berries, grapefruit and lemons. 


This type of variety of perfume is the strongest one. These are the ones which contain ingredients like tobacco, leather, musk and woods. Since they have the strongest fragrances, they are the expensive perfume varieties.


Besides the above, there is a third kind of variety also. This variety contains flowers as its ingredients. Flowers like lilies, roses, violets, jasmine, marigolds and lotus are some of the varieties used in these kinds of perfume varieties. Since flowers have the most awesome fragrances. So these are considered as the most romantic ones. 


This kind of perfume variety includes oriental ingredients. Some of those oriental ingredients are vetiver, sandalwood, amber and patchouli. These fragrances will create an exotic aura in the environment when you wear it. 

Perfumes Information- Tips to know before buying any perfume-

You must be very cautious while you select a perfume type. This is because not all perfumes are suitable for all. So remember below following tips before selecting any type of perfumes

1.First you should select the perfume type depending on your choice and type. This is because every fragrance has a different effect on all persons. 

2.Secondly, you must select perfumes on the basis of the type of occasion you want it for. For example, for casual or office types, prefer lighter ones and for occasions like parties, you can choose a stronger one. 

3.You must select a perfume type which doesn’t have a negative effect on the body.

4.Try to prefer Perfumes which last longer and include less water content. So try to buy original and branded ones. 

Perfumes Information- Interesting facts about perfumes

Next in the list of Perfumes Information about some interesting facts about perfumes-

1.Perfumes are something which boosts a person’s confidence. So that is the reason it is preferred to use a perfume with the best fragrance while you go for an interview or any important business deal.

2.They smell different on various people. That is the reason it is advised to use perfume of your choice and not any other person’s choice.

3.Usually there are different perfume varieties for men and women. But there are some which can be used by both of them.

4.Since we should be against using animals for making perfumes. So you must try to use perfumes which don’t use animals’ ingredients in it. 

5.Perfumes are considered to be a mood relaxer and can make you happy and relaxed. 

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