The night her mother lost her was the most traumatic night. But what is more traumatic is to see her daughter’s culprits being alive even after 9 years.

In current time this  news is continuouslly  flashing upon  about culprits to be hanging on such and such date. But  continuous delay is making and proving the Indian judiciary system to be totally rotten.

The punishment for this horrendous crime is only hang till death. But continuous postponing is making the belief on judiciary system shaky.

Now the new dates have been issuing  upon. It is  where supreme court is continually  saying that if convicts are not been  hanging  on March 20. Then they will be  finally step to date march 23.

The delay in the scheduled execution of the death sentence of the four Nirbhaya gang rape case convicts. They are  namely, “Akshaya Thakur, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh.

So, what is reason of such delay in the execution of the punishment?

It will be the third time that the hanging of four convicts has been deferred upon.

Additional sessions judge Dharmendar Rana says the death sentence cannot be executing.  When the pending disposal of mercy petition of convict Pawan Kumar Gupta is there.

He further added that now deferring it any further would be sacrilegious to the rights of the victim. It will be  for expeditious justice.

It is the jail laws which provide multiple legal remedies to each of the convict.

The two legal provisions, crucial for the delay ,are:-

  1. A death convict must get 14 days time after his mercy petition has been  rejecting by the president
  2. No individual can be hanged separately in a case. Like  where more than one person has been convicted of the same crime.

As per the current position, Mukesh and Vinay have exhausted all legal options. As the mercy petitions of both have been rejected by the president. Now Akshay has filed a plea for clemency and Pawan is yet to file his curative petition.

Now everyone is been targeting the Indian judiciary system for its loopholes. But now we as Indians have not still lost hope in the judiciary system.

We still have faith that Nirbhaya and his family will get justice as soon as possible.

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