Pre Wedding Diet Plan Every Bride Can Eat Without Worrying about Weight Gain

Pre wedding diet plan: A girl always wants to look flawless on her wedding day. She wants to flaunt her hot bod, sparkling eyes, and glistering skin wearing the perfect wedding dress. But the hustle-bustle in the pre wedding months makes you so tiring and busy that it is next to impossible to take care of your own body and health. Unsurprisingly, you might be unaware of the fact that instead of fasting and heavy workouts, you can easily lose those extra pounds by eating a healthy diet. So, to relieve your stress we’re proving you with a pre-wedding diet plan for healthy skin, slim figure, glowing eyes, and most importantly, glossy hair.

Effective Pre wedding Diet Plan

A wedding day is the most important day in a girl’s life. On this day, she becomes a bride and is the center of attraction for everyone. Once the ceremony starts, everybody waits for the arrival of the bride and is excited to see her. When she walks down the aisle, all the eyes are on her. So, she needs to look and feel the best on her wedding day.

However, the months leading to your wedding can be quite stressful. With all the trials, fittings, tasting, selecting, and events, a bride goes through a lot of stress. And with so much on her plate, it’s not easy to count on calories. What you eat is what you become is a well-known saying. Here we’ve presented a pre-wedding diet plan for you to look the best at your wedding. It will gift you with a healthy weight, increased energy, and all other health benefits that everyone would appreciate.

Green Tea

Start your day with green tea without sugar (you can add honey though). It helps in detoxifying your body and increasing your body’s metabolism. Make it a habit to drink at least 2 cups of green tea every day. Apart from aiding in weight-loss, green tea has several other health benefits. It helps rejuvenate your skin and make it look radiant. In addition to that, it helps in quick healing of scars and acne on your face.

Drink water.

You may have heard it a million times now that you should drink plenty of water every day. It provides you with an end number of health benefits and cleanses your body. So, make it a rule to drink 7-8 liters of water daily. As a matter of fact, it is easier said than done. Most of us feel quite lazy and don’t feel like getting up and going to the kitchen to quench our thirst. So, it’s better to keep your personal water bottle with you wherever you go. In this way, you can keep yourself hydrated and healthy even when you’re busy.

Coconut water.

Coconut water is the number 1 drink for glowing skin. Besides, it helps in quick digestion and prevents bloating. It hydrates your skin and makes it firm. Moreover, it acts as an anti-aging agent and gives your skin a youthful glow. Without giving it a second thought, get yourself some coconut water and wait for it to do wonders to your skin.

Fresh fruits and veggies.

Fresh fruits and veggies provide you with an abundance of nutrients and make you healthy and fit. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals and thus give you an everlasting glow. Not only it will provide nourishment to your skin but also make it rosy pink with improved texture. Besides, they improve your digestion and immunity power. And most importantly, eating fresh fruits and veggies will help you maintain weight effortlessly.

Say no to sugar.

When you’re on a diet, avoid eating sugar and sweets. Sugar consumption is unhealthy and it leads to weight gain. So, if you want to flaunt in your lehenga on your big day, say no to sugar once you get hitched. Nothing is more important than looking flawless on your wedding day, not even your cravings.

Healthy eating.

Make sure you eat fresh and home-cooked food every day. Avoid fizzy drinks and packed food items. Prefer green leafy vegetables over fried potatoes and other deep-fried food-items. Nowadays, even the restaurants are providing a separate meal for diet-conscious people so the bride-to-be doesn’t have to worry about gaining extra ounces while eating out.

Some pre wedding diet plan tips for glowing skin

Exercise every day for an hour to improve blood flow to the skin. Make sure that you get the right sun exposure for your skin at any cost. Yoga and breathing activities can assist in decreasing feelings of anxiety. Try not to contact or prick pimples or skin break out. Wash your face twice every day to prevent oil from stopping up in the pores.

A sample bridal diet-plan should be like:

Early morning: Lukewarm water + ginger+ honey  + lemon juice OR Green Tea

Before breakfast: Coconut water

Breakfast: Fresh fruits + 10 almonds + oats/upma/yoghurt

Lunch: 1 whole-grain chapati + a glass of buttermilk + one bowl dal + salad

Evening: Variety of nuts and a cup of green tea

Dinner: Khichdi/ Dal/ poha or a bowl of veggies

Also, don’t forget to have mini-meals in between. It will prevent you from eating other unhealthy snacks when hungry. You can have chana chaat/ sprouts or soup as a mini-meal. A pre-wedding diet plan can only show results if you follow all these guidelines religiously.

Bridal diet for healthy skin: pre wedding diet plan

You can also consider some of these diet changes in your daily routine before your wedding.

  • Eat your dinner before 8 pm.
  • Have mini-meals in between during the day.
  • Avoid eating packed foods like biscuits, namkeen etcetera.
  • Make home-made soup with raw veggies instead of packed ones.
  • Drink lukewarm water with some ginger, lemon juice, and honey every morning. Also, you can have green tea early morning for a healthy start.
  • Prefer fruits like papaya, orange, apples, and watermelon for glistering skin.
  • While eating eggs, avoid the yellow yolk as it contains a lot of cholesterol.

It’s your big day and you have to look exceptionally beautiful. Following this healthy pre-wedding diet plan can do wonders and you can’t even imagine the benefits it will provide you. Your lehenga, jewelry, and make-up are not the only thing to worry about. you have to worry about your health, skin, hairs, and overall appearance. And for this purpose, you will have to boost your will-power and make up your mind to do everything it takes to look the prettiest on your wedding day.




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