Red Beach, Strange Beauty Of Nature

Reasons Behind The Beautiful Scenic View

Whenever we think about the beach the first thing that comes up in everybody’s mind is sand but the red beach of china will not relate anything with this. This beach does not contain red sand but it is all covered with red plants.

Red beach is located in the Dawa Country which is in Panjin in China. It is famous for its very beautiful red landscape view. Which occurs due to the growth of red plants called Suaeda Salsa. It is a part of the Chenopodiaceae family. This place is considered as one of the biggest reed marsh and wetland in the whole world. This landscape was created because of the shallow seas. These species are mainly found in the coastal area and the growth of these species in this place is unique.

About the Red Beauty

Sueda is some special types of species and this species will grow only in the soil which is more likely to be alkaline. The growth period of this species will begin in April and at this period the color of the plant is light red and after the plants get matured it will turn into dark red color.

Not only the plants but this beach consist of the whole ecosystem as there are more than 260 different species of birds and about 399 different types of wild animals who will get their shelters in these red beaches. You will find the endangered species of cranes like Crown Cranes and Black Beaked gulls here that is why it is also called the home of cranes. To maintain the beauty of this place the government of china granted a high level of security and they declared about this in 1988. Even some of the red beaches were closed for the public to protect them but some of the red beaches are still open for the public and these places are considered as the main attraction for the tourists in China.

States behind its maintenance

From 1984 this tourist place is well maintained by the people of Dawa. They make this place as an eco-tourist place. The nature reserve consists of a separate place for the tourist. This separate place consists of a 6500-foot wooden place which will provide you a fantastic view of this beautiful place. To reach this reach firstly you have to cross Panjin city. Here you can reach by bus or train.

There are some airports in Panjin so you can also fly to that place. There are mainly three airports Shenyang Tao Xian International Airport, Jinzhou XiaoLingZi International Airport, and Dalian ZhouShuiZi. Many tourist companies will provide you transportation buses.

They also have the service of mini-buses which you can book for the red beach resort. For getting an affordable taxi you should have bargaining skills or must have enough patience to deal with them.


If you are planning for a vacation for a beautiful place then this place may suits perfectly in it. You will find beauty and peace in the same place.

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