“Disc-obedience Blocks the Street of Madrid as UN Holds a Summit”

Protesting has always been one of the most polarizing forms of conveying the message to the ones in power. However its results haven’t always been consistent. Sometimes it has resulted in a change while (The World Solar Summit) sometimes it has butchered the dreams of many. But on the safer side, we can all say that this activity has caused lot of change in the planet.

We have seen some of the weirdest forms of protests in all of our history. But what took place in Madrid on 7th of December was an unfamiliar way of people conveying their concerns. In one of the busiest streets of Madrid, hundreds of people were gathered to perform a protest. The purpose of this protest was to make UN take an action against climate change. However the reason this protest is being talked about and making its mark isn’t particularly because of its subject. The bizarre way of performing the protest is what attracting so many eyes.

Disc-obedience in Madrid

Grassroots green movement Extinction Rebellion organized the protest. In the protest many people blocked the street and started dancing as a sign of protest. Moreover the people dressed in various outfits indicating concerns regarding different climate related problems. People termed this event as “Disc-obedience” as disco form of dance and used it for protest.

Protesters Danced on various songs

In addition to the dancing, protesters also waved numerous flags. Different songs were played in the same event. Bee Gees Stayin Alive was also played during the protest which became the main highlight.

Renowned people joined

Famous actor Javier Bardem also became the part of protest along with environmentalist Greta Thunberg. In addition to them some local environment protection groups also joined their hands to make this whole event lot bigger.

People are fed up

Protesters showed their concern about how this whole thing about climate change is working. Upon asking, people in the protests said that they had no other choice since they had tried every normal way. The petitions and letters didn’t do anything; therefore they had to resort to this protest.

Worldwide Appreciation

Many people enjoyed this extraordinary movement across the globe. Many leaders appreciated the eccentricity of the event. For instance Greta Thunberg applauded the efforts of all people joining her hands (The World Solar Summit) in an afternoon press conference. However, some anti-protesters just termed it as a foolish act to disdain daily lives of local people.
United Nations to Address Decision on Dec 13th

Currently a summit United States organised a summit in Madrid. The matters regarding global warming are being discussed and negotiators are hoping to resolve the issue. Protesters are expecting a positive response from the summit.

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