The heartbreaking news from Hart Island: USA

The world is facing a global crisis where we all are fighting against the deadliest disease called COVID-19. Surprisingly, many developed countries like the USA, Britain, Italy, Spain all are facing its wrath.


Almost more than 1 million people are suffering from Corona Virus and more than 63000 people have died. Each day the death toll is increasing rapidly. Recently, drone footage went viral showing the sever conditions in Hart Island. Around two dozens of coffins are buried during the pandemic.  In this video, workers are digging the mass graves in hart Island of New York.

Earlier, this place was used to bury the bodies who have no known next kin. Around 25 bodies are being buried every week. This is a temporary mass graves until the country deals with the coronavirus in usa.

The bodies are packed in the plastic and are kept inside the pine coffin. In the video, you can see the workers wearing hazmat suits and using the ladder to dig inside the pit. New York is not the only place to arrange the burial ground. Previously Iran had also made arrangement for two 100 yards long land area.

The hospitals and morgue are almost filled and are at their maximum capacity. The arrangements are made at Hart Island until the conditions get back to normal. The names are written down on the coffin so that they can rebury the body once life is in the track.

The video is so devastating that it makes you feel the pain behind every death. The global pandemic has created an atmosphere of agony and terror everywhere. The stress has increased, people are dying, families are crying, there seems no hope.

The only way to deal with this virus is to practice social distancing and sanitize your hands. Stay at homes, keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Don’t wander around on roads unnecessarily. We need to fight together, stay strong.


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