Fogg Deodorant is India’s largest biggest player in the deodorant industry. As we all know in country like India where there are around 130 crores people, anything can become successful in no point of time. There is very high probability of product to become success in Indian market.

India’s deodorant market is also so giant. There are lot of companies fighting to acquire the topmost position. But for last few years Fogg Deodorant has outdated every single of his competitor. If you guys think that the rise of Fight deodorant was just good shot by its makers then you are absolutely wrong. It was well planned. Fogg is on top because it was presented in the market with fill planning and with a beautiful strategy.

Idea of introducing Fogg Deodorant in the market:-

Darshan Patel founded tha company vini cosmetics in the year 2010. He is a Ahemdanbad based businessman. Since many years Darshan Patel has been a central point in the market of cosmetics. He has created many products in personal care department.

Mr. Patel is credited with creating some of India’s most popular home grown brands like Moov, Krack, Dermicool, itch guard and D’cold.

He felt that there was some thing which is not present in the deodorant market so he entered into the market. Patel named his product Genesis 18+.

Genesis 18+ was a complete failure. Hence Darshan Patel decided to conduct a research between Indian people to get the exact condition of the deodorant market.

Rise of Fogg Deodorant:-

During the research, he has gone to his customers and asked them to name 7 products in different categories. According to darshan Patel in deodorant category people was able to name 10 products and he felt that there is quite a lot more competition than he expected.

But the research has another insight as well. Every customer has a complaint regarding there deodorant company. They complaint that their deodorant getting over very fast. So Darshan Patel and his partners started to look for the solution of this problem. And from there the idea of The Deodorant with no gas came into action.

Through consumer research Darshan Patel has time and again identified untapped niches in consumer products, and launched brands that have rapidly gained market share and category dominance.

Marketing strategy:-

The reason behind this phenomenal success of Fogg deodorant is their marketing strategy. There strategy is very different from all the other deodorant companies. At the time when all the deodorant positioned their as the one that women find attractive, Darshan Patel built
a campaign around Fogg deodorant ‘no gas only perfume’ and also value for money proposition.

According to Darshan Patel from day one he was thinking about the brand architecture of Fogg deodorant. Fogg deodorant has to be the friend of good guys and good girls. Its communication will not use women as objects to deliver my brand’s message. So Darshan Patel started value proposition with neat advertising.

Fogg became India’s largest selling deodorant brand:-

Within just two years of launch Fogg deodorant dethroned Hindustan Unilever’s Axe and became the market leader in financial year 2019. Also added over 900 crore to Vini cosmetics total revenue.

So many large companies have now invested in Vini cosmetics just because of their one product that is Fogg deodorant. Still Darshan Patel has acquired majority of stakes in the company. Currently we don’t find any other deodorant brand to enter into the competition with Fogg deodorant. Fogg has created a big gap between itself and other brands in the same category.