Employers and Resignation Reasons: How employers Drove Workers to Quit

Employers and Resignation reasons are strongly related. This is because Employers are among the strong reasons among the various reasons why people leave companies. Though employers try much to retain their employees in the company. But it mostly happens that work culture and employers are the biggest reasons why employees quit jobs. Though earlier this was the issue among less employees. 

But this Corona Pandemic has made this issue more prevalent and high. It made people realize many issues which they are not getting in their jobs. So let us know how Covid 19 has changed mindset and given employees reason what to put down for leaving a job. 

Employers and Resignation reasons: Effect of Corona pandemic on Employees’ mind 

It is known to everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the mindset of most of the people. This scenario is the same across almost all countries of the world. It has changed the priorities of people. Also, it has made employees realize other needs which they require while they are working in a company. Before Pandemic, we observed that people work for long hours in companies, factories without taking care of their health and personal life. They are much concerned about earning money and keep other things at their second most priority. 

But since this Pandemic has come into our lives and till now. People have started thinking from a much larger perspective. Now for them, Health, safety and personal relations are also becoming important along with other factors. They have started thinking that humans can’t just work like machines. They require many more things to live life happily. 

Employers and Resignation reasons: Reasons why employers drove workers to quit 

Now let us know why are all the ceos resigning and also employees. Also you must need to know how employers are responsible and making employees quit their jobs. 


This is the first reason which shows how Employers and Resignation reasons are related. Due to the corona pandemic, Employers started layoffs of many employees. Also these employees include even those who are working with their organisation from past many years. Though this was required on the part of employers as they were unable to bear much employee expenses. But this created a strong negative impact on employees who were still left on the job. As a result, some new employees also quit their jobs seeing such things on the part of employers.

2.Employers and Resignation reasons: Reduction of benefits 

This is another reason for people resigning from a job. As explained above, employees are getting concerned much about health benefits and security. They are looking for more benefits other than wages and salary. So employees join those companies only which provide more health security and family benefits.  

3.Unsupportive employers

Employees are now concerned about Employers’ support to them in need. They realised this point when they required financial and medical support. But instead of supporting, they started laying off employees. All this causes stress and affects mental health https://wartalaap.com/covid-19-impact-on-mental-health-of-children-and-adolescents/ of employees. So employees are considering what to put down for leaving a job. It also shows how Employers and Resignation reasons are related. 


Earlier employees used to just work for their employers. Instead of knowing whether employers are valuing them or not. Also, they don’t consider whether they are paying as much as they deserve according to qualification, caliber and skill. As a result, employers pay them very less as compared to their skills, knowledge and caliber. So now they have started knowing their value and finding this a good reason to leave a job. 

5.Inadequate safety measures during Pandemic

Here is another reason in the list of how Employers and Resignation reasons are related. The allowed staff was reduced due to the pandemic. So factories and companies were working with less staff. But with such less staff too employers failed to provide adequate safety measures for them. This was indeed very necessary at that time because their life was at stake. As a result, employees found it a good reason to leave a job. 

Employers and Resignation reasons: US Survey regarding employees resigning from a job due to Employers

All above mentioned are genuine reasons and proven by a survey. This is because according to a Survey conducted in the US for finding reasons and no. of employees resigning from a job. According to a survey, over 6,50,000 workers had quit their job and that too in a single month. The reasons observed were reduction in wages, health security benefits, less safety measures taken for employees working during the pandemic and ill treatment of employees. Besides this, this survey is of both new and existing employees. Their saying was just like- “I just started a job and want to quit”. So it can be said that this is the case with both New and existing employees. As a result, it can be clearly observed that mostly the reasons for employees quitting a job are employers. 

Employers and Resignation reasons: Improved mindset of Employers observing above conditions

Above mentioned are reasons why workers are resigning from the job. This shows clearly how Employers and Resignation reasons are related. So now employers are getting concerned about all these points. Many US based companies including Best Buy and Target decided to increase wages from existing low wages. Also, they have taken various measures to ensure safety and well being of employees working in their organization. Besides this, Employers are also trying to add more lucrative benefits attached with the job. These include bonus, health benefits, paid leaves and increase in leaves criteria for employees.  

Employers and Resignation reasons: Conclusion

From above you can conclude how Employers and Resignation reasons are related. At the end, I would like to say that as there are changes coming in Employees priorities and expectations from jobs. So for this Employers must adapt according to those expectations. This is because by doing this only, it is possible to retain new employees and hire more new employees. 










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