These things don’t eat after you feel hungry

Don’t eat some foods and drinks after you feel hungry. This is because of a very simple reason. Not only all foods and drinks available completes your hunger. Some foods lead to increasing hunger instead of reducing it. 

These foods include foods having high salt and sugar content. Besides this, low fiber foods also increase food cravings. This proves as negative for an obese person and who want to lose weight. 

Don’t eat after you feel hungry- Avoid eating some foods 

To know more about those foods that increase hunger, read this complete article. It will tell you foods that you must avoid in your diet. It will also let you know about foods which can be eaten in their place.

Don’t eat after you feel hungry- Foods that increase hunger

Firstly, we will know about foods which increase hunger. These are given below-

1.Junk food

Junk food is the first food which increases hunger. So don’t eat after you feel hungry. This is because these foods contain many preservatives. These preservatives stop the brain from thinking whether our stomach is full or not. This makes people eat more. That is why avoid eating junk foods. 

2.Juices and Smoothies

There are some drinks like juices and smoothies which also increases hunger. This is because it contains high sugar content. This sugar content increases the level of blood sugar in the body. As a result of which it makes us more hungry. So for people who want to lose weight, it must be avoided. 

3.Brown rice and bread 

Bread is another food that makes you hungry after eating it. This is because it has less fiber content. As a result of which insulin gets easily released making us hungry. Like Bread, Brown rice also reduces the fullness of the stomach. This makes us eat more. So don’t eat after you feel hungry.

4.Creamy soups

Another food which increases hunger is Creamy soups. So don’t eat after you feel hungry. Because creamy soups have increased sodium and are a low fiber food . This leads to an increase in food hunger. If you want to have soup, you can try vegetable soups.

5.Snacks having high salt content

If you are eating snacks which are salty, then it can be another increase in food addiction. Reasons behind it have sodium content in it. This sodium leads our body to a dehydrated condition. In that case, we tend to eat more instead of having water. Also it increases blood sugar level which increases hunger. So you try to eat less salty snacks. 

6.Sugar and Ketchups

Sugar and ketchups have the same tendency like Juices and smoothies. It also leads to increasing blood sugar level in the body. This situation leads to making us hungry more than usual. So avoid taking much sugar in your foods. Besides it, ketchups must also be avoided. 

7.Salads having low fats

Though salads are having less fats and chosen for weight loss. But on the other hand, it has both high salt and sugar. This is because they are added for flavor. But when it comes to making you hungry, it plays a big role. These salads can increase your food cravings. This can make you feel hungry even after eating a full bowl of salad. So don’t eat after you feel hungry.

8.Healthy foods

Though you generally buy some foods which are shown as healthy. But they can also increase your hunger. This is because they have less fats in them. So you must check them before consuming it. 

9.White portion of eggs

It is known to all that eggs provide a high quantity of protein. But it also increases our hunger. This is because it releases such hormones which makes us more hungry. So for obese persons, eating it must be avoided. 


Most of the people love to eat potatoes in their diet. But before you eat it, do know that it leads to increased hunger. Having high sugar is the reason behind it. So avoid it if you want to lose weight. So don’t eat after you feel hungry.

Foods to be taken to control hunger 

Now let us know about which type of foods must be taken to reduce hunger.

On analysis of tendency of above foods, we must eat following type of foods-

  1. High Fiber Foods
  2. Foods having less salt content
  3. Vegetable soups
  4. Less sugary foods and drinks
  5. Less Junk and Fast food
  6. White Rice and Bread
  7. Yellow Portion of eggs
  8. Less salty snacks 

So must try to take the above type of foods. It can help to control food cravings. 

Conclusion of article 

At last, I would conclude my article with some advice. This advice is to eat such foods which don’t increase your hunger. Instead eat foods which control hunger addiction. This advice will help you stay fit and control your weight. 


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