This Hollywood Heartthrob is New Batman, Twitteraties Fell for Him

New Delhi, February 14, 2020: ‘The Batman‘ director Matt Reeves released the first look of Robert Pattinson as New Batman. He presented him as the next incarnation of the Dark Knight. The video featured Robert Pattinson in Batman suit. Within hours of release, #Robert Pattinson started trending on twitter. In a while, Twitteraties showered praise for the Twilight Star. Several have fallen for his looks. Whereas, many others became a fan of his latest Batman suit.

Intense background score

The footage naming ‘camera test‘ is packed with Michael Giacchino’s piano-driven score. It makes the video more intense and thrilling. Equipped with red filters the teaser looks sensational and so is Pattinson. Also, it hints of the paradigm shift in the upcoming movie from its earlier versions. The superhero movie is all set to hit the theaters on June 25, 2021.

The most handsome

Lately, Robert Pattinson was declared the most handsome male globally. A scientific study measured his facial proportions. When compared with other actors, his features turned out to be matching with the Greek ideal of ‘perfection’. He scored around 92.15% accurate to the Greek Golden ratio of beauty Phi.

Was last seen in

The actor was last seen as Edward Cullens in the final movie of Twilight series. The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn 2 grossed around $829 million worldwide. Since his first movie, Robert Pattinson has a huge fan following. Moreover, his chemistry with co-star Kristen Stewart was hugely appreciated. Consequently, joining a movie itself is a guarantee of its success and popularity.


The upcoming superhero movie is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Along with Pattinson, the movie stars Jeffrey Wright, Zoe Kravitz, Collin Farrell. Also its director Matt Reeves has a couple of brilliant movies to his credit. For he held the helm for Planet of Apes, Let Me In and Cloverfield. All his movies remained huge Grosser worldwide.



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