Top 10 Franchise Businesses in the Us

Top 10 Franchise Businesses in the Us

Starting Franchise Business in the US is not an easy task because of the huge competition. It is always necessary to look at how companies are marketing their business, only then you can decide the best Franchise option for you. That’s why we have made a list of the top 10 Franchise Businesses that a person can go through. So just read the whole article carefully and get to know about the best Franchise Business in the US. 

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a popular American Submarine sandwich chain headquartered in New Jersey. It had founded in 1956 and has already more than 1942 locations where users need to pay $18,500 as a franchise fee. The main aim of this franchise is to serve the best quality items that will get prepared in front of the people and served to them with full enthusiasm. So it can be a good option to go with this franchise and they will check your background before giving to you, so you need to prepare for that. 

Great Clips

This is a popular hair salon, which has situated across 4,400 locations in the United States and Canada. Great Clips had started in 1982 and more franchises had started in 1983. Great Clips Franchise will be a big brand for you that will help to run your business smoothly. They came from a variety of backgrounds but the main aim is always to provide the best services with great resources, so it can be a good franchise business option for you. $20,000 is the fee for Great Clips. 


As we know how popular McDonald’s brand is, it is a popular fast-food chain restaurant that has been established around the whole world now. McDonald’s had started in 1940 and the franchise units starts in 1955. At present, there are more than 36,500 franchise units of McDonald’s and that’s why many people love to go with the existing McDonald’s franchise. The users need to pay $45,000 as a franchise fee and 4% is the royalty fee. 

Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds has the only aim is to provide the best quality windows covering solutions to their customers. It started in 1992 and the franchise distribution started in 1994. At present, there are more than 1300 franchises providing quality services to the customers at their doorstep. Most of their franchises are situated in the United States and Canada. The users need to pay the amount of $19,950 as a franchise fee. 


MaidPro is a home cleaning service for residential areas and also provides main related services to needy consumers. This company started in 1991 and the franchise distribution started in 1997. People always love to live in a clean place and are always looking for maid services, so it can be a good option to start with the MaidPro franchise. There are 283 units of MaidPro and users are required to pay the franchise fee of amount $20,000-$80,000. 


Chick-fil-A is the most popular fast-food restaurant chain in the United States who are providing the best and most tasty Chicken sandwiches for its users. This franchise offers the best opportunity to invest in a successful future by providing quality service to the customers. Chick-fil-A started in 1967 and started franchise distribution in 1987.


Kumon is an educational network that is started by Tory Kumon who uses his Kumon techniques to teach students differently. It is a different method of education where the students have to join an enrichment program, which ensures that nothing is left in the whole course. As it had started in 1954 and there are already more than 26,000 franchise units. As they have a decade of experience in how to teach people to earn by opening a franchise of Kumon, which requires the amount of $2,000 and some royalty fee on a per-student basis. 


Dunkin’ Donuts LLC is a popular American coffee and Doughnuts company providing quick food restaurant service. This company started in 1950 and is delivering the best services to their customers. They have the aim to open a double restaurant in a short period and currently, they have more than 12,500 franchise units. If you are passionate about delivering quality services without compromising on taste and meeting the eligibility criteria then you are welcome to Dunkin Donuts to open your franchise by just paying a fee of between $40,000-$90,000. 


Jazzercise is a popular Fitness Franchise Business option for the users which started in 1969. Here, if you are going with this business then you don’t need to teach people about fitness.  As they are providing you with various tools to start with and you have to the amount of $1,250 with the royalty fee of 20%. So just start your income levels by teaching about fitness and dance. 

Dream Vacations

If you are planning to open a travel agency then Dream Vacations is a very popular name that you should know about. As it requires a very low amount of investment and the amount starts with just $495. The rate is unparalleled. If we compare it with other Businesses, Dream Vacation is a reputed brand in the market. It is also a good option for the people who are looking to have work-from-home opportunities. You don’t need to require anything because it can easily run from your home without any hassles. 


So these are the best franchise business in the US with some amazing profits. But you should consider some more things like Brand reputation and how others are working. The most important is how you are meeting your budget requirements. Only then you can decide about Franchise Business in the US.


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