Top 5 Party Dressing Tips for Males

Let’s just be honest, we all judge a book by its cover. Dressing sense really does impress people. There is a misconception that males have it all easy. But men are as picky as women when it comes to style.

Blue jeans

A pair of blue jeans can never go wrong. It can be worn for casual events as well as parties. Denim has always been and always will be in style. Pair lightly distressed jeans with a plain shirt. Blue jeans and a white shirt is possibly the classiest combination. You can tuck the shirt in or keep it simple. To make your look more appealing, wear sneakers. Blue denim looks good with almost everything.


Whether you are going to a fancy restaurant or a house party, blazers will give you a versatile look. Grey, black and navy blue blazers go with most of the outfits. A nice classy blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe. A crew neck t-shirt underneath the blazer will enhance your look. You can pair them with formal shoes. Avoid wearing neon colours when you are going for a formal look.

Three-piece suit

A suit brings out the males in you and boosts your confidence. It is the perfect outfit for events and parties. Black, blue and grey are some favorite colors of men when it comes to a suit. You can play it safe with shades of blue and grey. However, adding a little bit of color won’t hurt. For instance, some men rock the green suits and also shades of blue and red. A little color can literally uplift your entire outfit. Pair your three-piece suit with formal shoes or suede shoes.


Plain and printed shirts both look amazing with trousers. Trousers are comfortable and also trendy. They come in checks and lining patterns. Wear a simple shirt and a pair of trousers to set the mood just right for a party. They work just fine for dates too. Monk strap shoes will enrich your look. This outfit will give you a dapper and a sophisticated look at the same time.

Pay attention to the basics

Always go for quality, not quantity. Invest in a good watch that will go with the maximum of your outfits. For the perfect look, make sure that the belt matches your shoes. If you think that no one notices your shoes then you are extremely mistaken. Ladies notice everything from top to bottom. Have a collection of sneakers, loafers and formal shoes. Minimize the accessories. Roll up your sleeves neatly whenever possible. Wear clothes according to your body type. Avoid clothes that are baggy or too tight. Fitted clothes give a shape to your body. Also, the length of your bottom wear should be decent.


Be in your comfort zone but always keep experimenting to keep up with the trends. All that matters is how yo

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