Top 5 Unique Food Trends

With the new year, comes new trends. Food Trends is a very important aspect of all of our lives. There are constantly new recipes coming up with fresh ingredients. Our diets keep changing according to our mood. Also, our needs keep advancing according to our lifestyle. Here are some food trends that are becoming popular worldwide.

More Diet alternatives

Here is good news for all the diet freaks. More diet alternatives will be present on the menu. 31 per cent of the chefs who were surveyed say that the vegetarian options are not enough. People want more gluten-free and dairy-free food. Almost every restaurant serves vegan food but with less variety. The menus now will include more of these. Also, the keto diet is a trend among celebrities as well as other people. Restaurants will serve keto food too.

Wines and cocktails

Consumers are being introduced to orange, organic and biodynamic wines. These wines are grown without adding pesticides and chemicals. Coffee based cocktails are on a rise these days. How amazing would it be having two of your favorite drinks together! More expresso based drinks are getting popular. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available with expresso. In addition, drinks like espresso tonic mixed with something of your preference will set your day on fire.

One love: Desserts

Freak shakes are winning hearts for a couple of years now. The popularity of these shakes on social media is over the top. It will be challenging for chefs to give more of these to the consumers. Shakes will be more monstrous and its ingredients gives you happiness and calories. Vegan ice cream is getting a lot of attention. People are diverting towards it more and more. Dairy giant Danone invested 60 million dollars in dairy-free products. Above all, this shows the number of people turning into vegan.

CBD to solve your problems

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD managed to be a top food trend for quite some time now. Consumers have a misconception that CBD will get you high and wasted. But no, it’s not like that at all. However, it is derived from marijuana and hemp plants. CBD helps in reducing anxiety, pain and terminating insomnia. It is already available in the form of sparkling water, gums and coffee. Due to the immense demand for CBD, more products will prevail in the market in different forms.

Pacific Rim Flavors

A delightful multi-cuisine is taking over the world. Fruits like guava, passion fruit and dragon fruit are in smoothies and cocktails. Lamb tacos with pineapple chutney and seared fish with peanut coconut sauce come under Pacific rim dishes. Luo han guo is use to sweeten dishes instead of sugar. Exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, seafood and sauces are some ingredients use for Pacific rim dishes. Pacific rim cooking is also known as “ingredient-driven”.


Consumers are going all gaga for these food trends. Whole world loves such food trends.

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