Top Trending memes of India- From Lockdown till now 

Memes are jokes which get posted on the internet through social media platforms on various trending topics. Purpose of these memes are just fun and humor. They seem to be very interesting, and funny. These can be said as something which attracts people towards social media. Besides this, they are creative and imaginative and related to trending topics. But they don’t intend to offend any religion, caste or culture. Trending memes are the one which gets viral on social media several times. They are much liked and shared by people. 

18 Trending Memes 

This article will let us know about such trending memes which got viral from Lockdown 2020 till now.

1.Lockdown memes

2020 was much trending because of lockdown. That time period was much stressful. People got much frustrated during that time. But these memes are something which made people happy and relaxed. 

Some of Lockdown memes are- 


2.Trending Memes- Work from home memes

Offices got closed due to Lockdown which made “Work from home” famous among people. But unlike all issues memes were created on this topic itself. These were very much funny and jokey. It showed the expectations and reality situations of Work from home.


3.Post Lockdown memes

Lockdown lasted for many months and after that it opened up. Lockdown opening had mixed reactions among people. For some who got frustrated during that time liked it. But on the other hand for people who started liking Work from home took much time to again start going out.

Following memes shows their mixed reactions-

4.Trending Memes- India Vs US Memes

India Vs US Memes are another popular memes in India. They are also very funny. It reflects the diverse culture and traditions of the two countries. Also they showed the work culture of the two countries. These were shown along with the flags of both countries. 


5.Pawri hori hai

This made a trend after a video uploaded by a girl on social media of his car and her friends during a party. Wordings of this meme are Yeh mai hu, Yeh meri car hai aur yaha Pawri hori hai. 

This video became so viral on social media. People made several videos with different versions and using its wordings. Besides common people, many Bollywood and Social media stars also made their version videos on this viral video. 

6.Shadi season memes

Post Lockdown, Wedding season started. Social media platforms got flooded with wedding memes. It shows Indian culture in weddings. These memes are very interesting and funny.

These trending memes are-

7.Online classes during Lockdown

Lockdown also introduced 1 another concept which are online classes. Teachers started online classes for school and college students. During online classes, many incidents and cases happen. Various trending memes on this topic got viral too. 

8.Trending Memes- Calendar Memes

Since 2020 was mostly a year of lockdown, Covid 19, protests and fire incidents in the country. Different calendar memes also became viral on social media. It also grabbed people’s attention during the year 2020. 

9.New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions are trending every year. They are another famous topic during new year. This is because people do make resolutions but seldom follow it during the year. It makes this a trending topic and also a funny and interesting topic.

10.Trending Memes- Weekend memes

Weekends are relaxing days after busy working days. These are another trending topic every weekend. Various viral memes are there for weekends.

11.US elections

Politics are also a trending topic for memes. US elections were also 1 of the them during the year 2020. It is because inter- country relations are very much important for Indian economy. So it was a matter of concern at that time. 

Various memes on this topic are-

12.Trending Memes- Mirzapur release

Films and Web series are always a trending topic of the town. Memes usually get viral on them before and after their release. This was the same with Mirzapur 2 release. Since its trailer was released, people started waiting for it. But due to COVID-19, its release date was postponed. But finally when its release date was announced, memes got viral. After its release too, many we saw various viral memes. 

13.PUBG  Ban

Indian Parents always stop their children to use mobile phones and play games for a long time. Same is the case with PUBG game. But that was also a very addictive and dangerous game. So parents was very against it. So, when Government decided to ban all Chinese apps including PUBG . Parents were very much happy with this move. So like any other topic, memes got viral on PUBG Ban. 


14.Trending Memes-Rasode mein kon tha

Rasode mein kon tha dialogue got viral after famous youtuber Yashraj Mukhate made video on it. This dialogue was from the famous Television soap “Saath Nibhaana Sathiya. After that, many videos and memes got viral on this dialogue.

Below are its related trending memes-


15.CBSE exams cancelled

CBSE exams got cancelled due to protests. This made students appearing for the exams much happier and relaxed. This also became a trending topic. Various memes got viral on this topic. 

Its related trending memes is-

16.Trending Memes- Go corona memes

COVID-19 had made various changes to life. Corona extended lockdown various times during the year 2020. It made people stressed. So to relax the situation, various “GO corona memes” got viral. So everyone wants to go out and it made these memes famous. 


17.Bulati hai magar jane ka nahi

This dialogue was of a veteran poet Rahat Indori. It also got viral through various memes on social media. It was also much liked by people across India. This also become another trending topic of the town. Its memes were much popular among everyone.

Its related trending memes is-

18.Trending Memes- Waiting for COVID-19 vaccine

Since the lockdown itself, people were eagerly waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine. It took many months even after opening of lockdown to come in the market. So it was another hot topic for the year 2020. Various memes got viral on social media on this topic. 

Below are its related trending memes-


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